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Kountry Life Humor

Stock Market
Once there was a city-slicker who came out into the country because he was transferred. The 'locals' were all at least five miles away and they all seemed pretty much like hill-billes. He was feeling pretty bad, especial because he always invested in the stock market but now ther was no newspaper, computer or even TV to tell him how his was doing. He really liked his stock market, too. One day he was sitting on his porch when this old beat-up, patched jallopy came a-puttering down the road. It stopped in front of his house and a man got out. 'Why r'you so down in the dumps?' he asked. 'I miss the stock market back home,' he said, wishing the person would go away. His nieghbor then said, 'Well, gosh, we gots one, too.' The man suddenly perked up. 'You do?' 'Yup! Every person from miles 'round come to OUR stock market.' The man was a bit confused. You never WENT to a stock market, but this was a very country place with no computers, newspapaers, or TVs so he thought that perhaps it was in a building. 'You have a stock market center?' he asked hopefully. 'Well, I GUESS you could call it that.' 'Can you show me how to get there?' he asked. 'I'm headed there myself! Hop in the truck and I'll take ya there!' So they drove and drove a long, rocky, winding dirt road ('It's our highway,' the country person explained) until they came to a dilapidated-looking little SHACK. 'This isn't it, is it?' the man asked. It couldn't be! There were cows and goats and chikens running about everywhere! 'Well, this is the stock market center.' 'No, no, no, there's been a mistake.' the man explained to hsi new nieghber. 'When I said STOCK MARKET I meant a STOCK MARKET.' 'Well, so did I,' said the hill-billy. 'That there's the market and there's the livestock!'

The Wolf , from LA, entered 2002-12-11

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