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Kountry Life Humor

Cow in Labor
One day, a cattle farmer heard one of his cows lowing out in the mud pit behind the barn. It sounded like she was in hard labor. He went out, and, sure enough, it was a breech. He tried to turn the calf around, but it was too late -- the legs were already coming out. All he could do was pull on the legs to assist in the birth.

This field was right next to the interstate, and a red corvette stopped, and a woman jumped out and said, 'Is there anything I can do to help?'

The farmer said, 'Yes, please! Grab a leg and pull!' So they both pulled, and they were able to get the calf out.

The farmer, very grateful, said, 'Wait a minute while I run back and get my wallet -- I owe you for this.'

'Oh, no, I wouldn't dream of accepting any recompense for this service. However, there is one question you can answer for me.'

'Anything!', the farmer said.

'How fast was the little one going when it ran into the big one?'

KP, from WA, entered 1999-12-20

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