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Kountry Life Humor

The Ingenious Child
Besides being funny this is a true story!

After years of living overseas in the military we had the opportunity, upon my retirement and settling in Washington state, to invite family to join us for Christmas at our house. Family, in this case was my wife's youngest sister, her husband and their two children. They were invited to arrive the day before Christmas so as to help my wife celebrate her birthday. They arrived, greetings were exchanged and the car was unloaded with a flurry of presents being placed under our tree. Our niece and nephew hurridly changed into play clothes to go out and check out the 'Tree house' which is home to wildlife and whatever else that finds it way into it. Dinner was over and birthday cake was served and everyone retired rather early in preparation for the next morning.

The house seemed to explode into life at around 7 AM and there was only time to get coffee brewed for us elders before we gathered around the tree to see what Santa had brought for everyone. The presents were distributed with the children opening thiers first, then the adults. Our nephew Evan, age 6, jumped to his feet and exclaimed that he had one more present to open! Out from under the tree came this shoe box sized gift marked for Evan! None of the adults recognized it so you can imagine the looks on OUR faces as Evan opened his last gift. A whole bevy of toys poured out of this shoe box. His mother and dad were in disbelief!

Our nephew and niece had been told before the trip to our house what they could bring. Having never spent overnight at this particular Aunt and Uncles house, Evan pondered over what we would have for him to play with. So....

Very neatly, Evan had boxed up some of his favorite toys from home in a carefully wrapped shoe box and labeled it to himself. It was scooped up with the other gifts as they packed the car for the trip and ended up under our tree. This little boy was guaranteed to have something to play with at his Aunt and Uncles house on Christmas Day!

Bob Bennett, from WA, entered 1999-12-22

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