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Kountry Life Humor

Changing Lite Bulbs
How many addicts of the internet forums is it necessary to change an electric light bulb?

1 to change the light bulb and write to say that the light bulb in has been changed.. 14 to say that they also changed a light bulb one day and to evoke the various manners to make it.. 7 to warn dangers to change a light bulb.. 27 to indicate the spelling mistakes in messages concerning the change of an electric light bulb.. 53 to abuse the correcters of spelling mistakes.. 41 to correct those who abuse the correcters of spelling mistakes.. 6 to discuss that it is necessary to say ' electric light bulb ' or 'lamp'. 6 to consider the 6 precedents of clamped by the bottom.. 2 professionals of the industry to say that the correct term is 'incadescent light bulb'.. 15 know-it-all who pretend to have been in the industry and that to say ' electric light bulb ' is perfectly correct.. 109 to indicate that this forum does not concern the electric light bulbs and that, please, to discuss that on the forum ' electric light bulbs '.. 111 to defend the subject because everybody uses an electric light bulb thus the aforementioned subject has its place here.. 306 to discuss to know the best technique to change a light bulb, where to buy the best electric light bulbs, which brand is the best adapted to this technique and which it is necessary to avoid.. 27 to send url where we can discover the various electric light bulbs.. 40 to say that they do not trust in an electric light bulb and who give links for pseudo-scientific sites which claim to know alternative solutions to produce some light.. 12 to indicate that the right for the light is not in the constitution.. 1 army retiree who used to be in a special elite group changing light bulbs very efficiently.. 12 more to agree that they don't make lght bulbs as they used to be.. 1 to send the photo of an electric light bulb and other one of a type which looks like an electric light bulb. 14 to indicate that the indicated url contains errors and send the maids.. 1 to say that he replaced his light bulbs by fluorescent lamps and that, he rarely changes his electric light bulbs.. 12 to say that they drop the forum because they understand nothing in the debate concerning the electric light bulbs.. 4 to say that is needed a FAQ concerning the electric light bulbs. 44 to ask for what is a 'FAQ'.. 13 to say that in any well held house, there should be candles somewhere, in case a light bulb would roast. 5 to say that they do not use electric light bulbs, only candles.. 4 to ask ' didn't we already talked of that here not such a long time ago? ' 143 to advise to make a search about the electric light bulbs with Google before launching a discussion concerning the electric light bulbs.. 1 b*****d to answer the first message 6 months later and relaunch everything!

slim pickins, from IL, entered 2003-12-31

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