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Kountry Life Humor

Hobos Big Scare
old farmer jones owned a huge spread with cattle, hogs, chickens, and acres of orchards. but ole farmer jones favorite thing on the farm was his ole tom cat fester. fester would tree coons and run rabbits and point birds better than any dog. he was truley mr. jones's pride. it just so happened that the train tracks lay quite near to his land, so alot of times hobos would come creepin up looking for work or food or anything they could get. one day a fellow by the name of hobo harry came wandering up and was awestruck by the beautiful layout of the farm and surrounding lands. hobo harry decided that he would like to shack up here for awhile, so he stole away to the barn. while sitting in the barn whittling, he caught a whiff of blackberry pie, and when he looked out, sure enough mrs. jones had put a pie out to cool on the window seal. now hobo harry hadnt eaten in 2 days, so he cut a path torward that pie, and fester seeing this stranger decided to attack, figuring he was part hound dog anyway. farmer brown was in the outhouse when he heard the most awful bellowing coming from the yard. he ran and got his gun and came around the corner to find hobo harry squealing in agony and fester clawing the daylights out of him. hobo harry finally dropped the pie and ran across the orchards back torwards the tracks with fester right on his back. farmer jones finally caught up to hobo harry, and noticed he was fighting fester right on the train tracks. farmer jones then noticed a train plummetting down the line and hollered at hobo harry ' what are you doing man?'. hobo harry replied ' come down to it, i am hanging here till this train hits us, one of us got to have some relief!'.

Kris, from SC, entered 2004-11-09

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