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Kountry Life Humor

St. Paddies Day is Coming
An Irish guy goes into a bar and asks the barkeep for 3 shots of Irish whiskey. The barkeep proceeds to pour3 shots into a glass. The Irishman says 'no, no, no... I want 3 shots in 3 seperate glasses!'

The barkeep obligies and pours 3 shots in 3 glasses.The Irishman drinks them down, pays for the booze and leaves the bar. This goes on everyday for weeks, so the barkeep asks why the 3 shots in the 3 glasses?'

The Irishman replies 'Well, I have 2 brothers back in Dublin and if I have 3 shots in three different glasses, I feel that we are drinking together. 'Touched by the sentiment, the barkeep gladly pours 3 more drinks for the Irishman.

Months pass and one day the Irishman comes into the bar and only orders 2 shots. Stunned, the barkeep offers his condolences to the Irishman for the death of one of his brothers.

The Irishman says 'Oh no, nobody died...I just quit drinking!'

IHank, from IA, entered 2000-03-08

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