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Kountry Life Humor

Snake & Barn Rats Tale
One spring day afternoon in the late fifties I was walking home from school. In the road out front of our house I ran into a big, like maybe 5' long, bullsnake. He was just crossing the road and doing his snake thing.

As a teen age lad I couldn't leave well enough alone and just had to include him in my small town entertainment agenda for the rest of the afternoon. I grabbed the snake and carried him out to the unused barn. There I let him go, down one of the many holes the rats were digging under the crumbling concrete floor. I did that with the thought that he'd find plenty of food down there and the burrows would make a nice home for the old boy.

That evening, during supper, I casually mentioned, in a 'what a good boy am I' way, what I'd done.

My father went ballistic, and this was before Sputnick! Later, mother clued me in that Dad had a phobia about snakes and that the road to hell was paved with good intentions...

In the end, there was no visible change in the rats undermining the barn floor. My guess is that the snake was supper for the rats.

In later years my ex could never get into my thinking that them garter snakes in the garden were friends and that they ate stuff that was bad for the garden. So it goes...

If people can be patient it seems that Nature has answers for things that we see as problems of the moment. IHank

IHank, from IA, entered 2000-03-28

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