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Kountry Life Humor

Hearing Loss
True story -
I was quite apprehensive when I got a summons for jury duty. Even more so when I had to fill out a 25 page (legal size) questionnaire. I could tell from the wording that the case would be a 'doozie'.

One question was 'Are there any reasons you feel that you can not serve on a jury?' Well, I thought a while and wrote - 'Partial hearing loss at some frequencies.'

Well, I made it through the first three cuts and was getting even more apprehensive. The 4th cut required each person to be interviewed in the court room. The attorney for the state questioned me for about 5 minutes. Then, the defense attorney question me. About 5 minutes into the questioning, he said - 'I see you have hearing loss at some frequencies. May I ask what frequencies?'

Well, not knowing how to reply to that, I thought a minute and replied -

'My Wifes.'

The attorney for the state started laughing and then her chair tipped over. The court room decorum broke down in a hurry led by the Judges laughter. The defense attorney got flustered and finally dismissed me from jury duty.

Ps - I've never told my wife of this incident!

Mike Taylor, from tx, entered 2000-10-04

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