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Kountry Life Humor

Old Blue ate my litty bitty phone
This Christmas my son the Ph. D saw my big old cell phone that my wife and I have shared for the last couple of years so he got me one of those litty bitty ones that you can almost put in your ear it is so small. I carried it around in my shirt pocket. He set the ring to chirp out the steeple chase thing they use at the horse races and because I am getting a little hard of hearing too he set it so it would vibrate like the pagers that important people and drug dealers use.

Anyway today when I came in the house for lunch after sawing some white oak boards on my home made mill I noticed that the phone was not in my pocket. After lunch my wife and I went out in the yard to look for it.

My old hound dog Blue who follows me everywhere I go was out there in the yard with us looking for the phone when I had this idea to go in the house and get the big old phone that we have had for a couple of years and call the number of the new phone and maybe we would be able to hear it ringing and find it that way. My wife dialed the number and we listened but couldnít hear anything. After a couple of minutes though my wife asked me what was wrong with Blue the hound. I looked at him and every once in a while he would arch his back and perk up his ears and have the strangest look on his face. I forgot about the phone and went over to see if I could tell what was his problem. If maybe he was having some sort of seizure or something. When I sat kneeled down beside him I heard the steeple chase tune so I looked under Blue and all around but couldnít find it. Then I put my hand on Blueís back and believe it or donít I could feel that phone vibrating. Blue has eaten my new litty bitty phone!!!!

The wife wanted to rush Blue to the vets and have it surgically removed but I said no. Heck I have seen Blue swallow a full grown squirrel and it still kicking and I didnít think a litty bitty telephone would hurt him one bit. Besides it would cost more to have it removed than a new phone would. It probably wouldn't work anyway so Iíll just call everybody who has my new phoneís number and tell them not to call for a few days and that should keep it from bothering Blue.

ZANE, from Al, entered 2002-01-15

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