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Kountry Life Memories

A Pan of Brownies
My grandfather was a sucker for a hard luck story. Everyone joked that he never could hold on to a nickel, but it wasn't funny when he bought a rocky,hilly little farm from his own father,and then couldn't raise enough crops to feed his family. My mother Frances remembered always being hungry, but times were rough for most during the drought of the 20's, so many other children were hungry also. One evening Frances told her mother that the teacher had asked her to bring a pan of brownies to school the next morning. The teacher's request was law in their household, so my grandmother put her apron back on and, firing up the cookstove again, baked the precious sweets. In the morning the other kids were jealous because mama had baked the brownies for Frances to take to school, but they didn't dare say anything. Frances started walking to school early. To spite her, the others ran ahead leaving Frances alone with her pan. She tasted the edge and then ate a little piece and soon the whole pan was gone. Frances hid the pan in the bushes and went on to school. That night she returned the pan to her mother, and thanked her in behalf of the class. My grandmother lived for another 40 years, but in that time my mother never dared to tell her the truth. There had been no request from the teacher, but only a little girl who was starved for something special from her mother.

Jan Cook, from Ia, entered 2003-12-29

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