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Kountry Life Memories

A Day Of Shopping

A Day of Shopping

My first shopping experience was a very painful experience in deed. My mother gave me an errand to run. I didn’t know at the time, but that day was a turn around for me. I would learn a lesson that would remain with me.

My family lived at the top of a very high hill at the time of my reality adjustment. Like many young people my age, seven, I was given to day dreaming and not paying attention to instructions, or anything else that would keep me away from my make believe world. I had an above average imagination at the time. Quite often I was off on some perilous exploit. I could easily be claiming mountain Everest or swimming crocodiles infested rivers. On that day I had just completed a mission with our boys in France during the great one WWII. My mother interrupted my latest sortie into the wild blue yonder. “Earl I want you to go on an errand for me to the store down the hill.” I barely heard her because I was off fighting pirates at the moment and trying to save my ship, and my cargo not to mention the lives of the passengers. “Earl!” Pay attention.” My mother Said getting me back from the fight. She warned, “If you don’t return with the right grocery items and the correct change, you will return to the store until you get it right. I have called Mr. Johnson at the store and he is expecting you.” I recall her saying in hindsight long ago. It suffices to say I seldom was aware of what went on outside of my adventurous world. But as I was to discover, my mom had plans that included me that day. On that day I vaguely heard her because the British fleet was in desperate need of my expertise. My mother pushed the money into my limp hand gave me a slight shove down hill. The Armada was at that very second beginning their run at Admiral Nelson and Me. Our boys was itching for the coming fight, and my Mother wanted something from the store?”We must defeat the Spanish Armada and save England. I was in the battle now.”

. There I stood on the bridge of a man of war giving needed council as my mother droned on about bread, lettuce etc. Admiral, Nelson, of her Majestic Navy at that very minute was urgently demanding my attention while my mother was instructing me on what to get from a store? I could not believe it. The Admiral desperately needed me, the men needed me, and England needed me. The old boy, Nelson was screaming for my help. I vaguely remembered my mother calls my name and warning me not to forget her instructions as I dreamily stumbled down the hill. Nelson and I were issuing orders to the fleet and the men we were in pitch battle. The Amada was trying to make a run at us. The old boy, Nelson and the men wanted me now needed me. We must defeat the enemy and save England.

In hind site, I remember her instructions; “Earl, listen very carefully, she caution me.” She gave me the list of grocery items to get and the money for the purchase. I lost the list. The only good thing about that day was I manage some how to hold on to the money.

Needles to say, I returned several times to the store that day, sore feet and all. But that was not the worse of the day. I was humiliated on each trip. It seemed like the whole neighborhood was aware and in on my lesson. But in truth, only a few friends of my family were in on the joke, but of course I did not know. As far as I was concerned every window, door and house witness every trip I made to the store. I saw smiling faces and heard a hundred neighbors ask me if I had everything on each trip up and down the hill that day. They called and asked if I would like to run errands for them on each trip I made. To this very day, I remember those smiles and calls. Today I’m a very good shopper because of that shopping experience {smile}, and I put my dreams on paper. I’m a writer.

E.E. Jones, from ca, entered 2004-01-13

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