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Kountry Life Memories

Keep the Fences High and Tight
Born and raised in Georgia farmed and always had livestock. When I was a kid about 45 or so years ago we had an old mule we kept the garden up with. 'Rosie' was a little mischeavious and liked to get out and ramble. We had a corn crop and on an occasion Rosie jumped the fence and ate an unknown amount of green corn fodder which caused her to blot extremely. My daddy called our vet who lived down the road to get him to come and see about Rosie who was trying to lay down and we were afraid if she/he laid down she/he might die. Well the vet, Dr. Strong couldn't come because of an emergency but gave my daddy instuctions on what to do which included a length of garden hose and a bottle of mineral oil. As instructed daddy proceeded to oil the hose and rosie's rear end and insert the hose.Standing behind rosie he inserted the hose and I did hear him say 'wonder how far I should push this hose' as me and my mother were off to the side watching. No sooner than he had said this there was an explosion of proportions I can't describe and a green liquidy substance was emitted from Rosie in a radar form at approximate light speed. We all didn't know exactly what had happened, especially daddy and were stupified. Then my mother and I noticed this very bad smell and that daddy was covered with this green liquidy type substance dripping from his entire body. We both simultaneously broke into a scream laughing fit as he produced cuss words I still haven't heard anywhere else. Rosie in her fashion jumped the fence and was running around spraying the area on about each 3rd bound. She/he felt a lot better apparently. A good reason to keep the fences high and tight.

Jessee, from GA, entered 2004-02-19

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