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Kountry Life Memories

Flying Cat
We lived in an old flat-roofed house with an upper and lower porch on the front. At age 11, I loved living in the country, everything from canning greenbeans in a washtub over an open fire, to the old crystal doorknobs in the house. One day, my little brother, 7 years my junior, made we wonder for a moment whether it was good thing after all. I was walking along the stepping stones in front of the lower porch when I heard a little giggle of glee from above. The sight that greeted me when I looked up caught me by total surprise. Dragon the cat, with legs splayed, claws extended, eyes wild, and fangs bared, was on his first solo flight about 18 inches from my head! He covered that distance in roughly half a second and commenced clawing, scratching and generally shredding my face. He finally got purchase and pushed off, shoving me backwards. I was laughing so hard by the time it was over that I couldn't get mad. In fact, I was rather impressed that a 4 year old could conceive of such a plan, wait patiently for a victim, and then hit his target with such precision. By-the-way, Dragon the cat was no worse for wear, but my little brother couldn't get near him for quite a while. hehehe!

Digitalmat, from WV, entered 2004-07-01

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