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Kountry Life Memories

Slop Happy
I loved to go fishing with Grandpa. Before we left for the pond, we had to of course get some bait. Nice, big, juicy, earthworms! Straight from my Grandpa's own little worm farm.

Right outside the door of the pantry to the left was a small plot of ground covered with wooden planks. At the end of each day, Grandpa would empty the slop bucket onto this plot of ground. The slop bucket was an enamel pail, white with red trim, a metal handle and a lid that sat on an old, wooden table in the pantry. After each meal, the remains left on plates and whatever else wasn't going to be kept for later was emptied into the slop bucket.

This concoction made from breakfast (always a full meal), lunch (always a full meal), and supper (always a full meal) sat all day and melded together into a most unappetizing looking array of mess and glom. But it was just what the worms in Grandpa's worm farm loved.

I recall seeing him go to the back pantry door and slinging the slop out onto his little farm. Those worms ate good I tell you.

I have to admit; I didn't handle the worms, being a little girl, I thought they were just horrible, and still do as far as handling--don't mind crickets or minnows, but no worms for these hands thank you--- but Grandpa would bait my hook, and today my son or my husband will, so fishing is still lots of fun!

And then, we ate good off the worms, cause they knew they could sure catch some fish. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. Miss Grandpa and his earth farm, think I'll go start myself one, so my granddaughter will have the same experience. Oddly, she just loves to handle worms.

Lynda , from GA, entered 2004-09-11

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