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Kountry Life Memories

My Journey
Sneeking through brush,ticks,snakes, and maybe some critters that would resemble a croc, I tredged on. With my trusty sling shot and a wing and a prayer I seek out the truth of what's really there.

Ready at any moment for a surprise attack, (mosquitos,ticks,wasps,honey bees,hornets, and those very large yellow jackets),but yet I brave the elements and the fallin leaves. I could use a sip of grandpap's homemade brew. Grandpap always said it's great for bravery in the line of fire. Aww heck too young.

Further on with my task I tredge. I stop and ask why am I here? Why do I risk life and limb and nose to be here? Why? Because of curiousity? No because I can't turn back.

Crunch, I hear something I turn swiftly and there it was the worse critter of them all, especially when you're a barefooted kid. Yep it's the local neighborhood friendly but not so friendly GANDER ready to pounce your rear with a great big pinch.

He's worse than a Billy goat for you have time to run when you see Billy a comin. This goose is sneaky, he's quick, and he's mean. And he wants a piece of me.

Whew! He turned and went the other way. Further on with my task I go. Ewwwwww the smell is getting worse, but I have to seek the truth! It's eye watering sometimes but you have to do what you have to do. Why? Because you are a kid that knows no better!

The flies are dive bombing me like the bombs over Bagdad. I turn the corner and there I am, no worse for wear. I see what I figured nothing, I'd saw no crocs(darn it), no snakes (luckily), no critter that will harm me, but the thorns and rocks are enough to make you turn back.

My journey is at it's end and the truth has been found. Or has it?

What is really out behind the Out House??

Lilscrapy, from MO, entered 2004-10-16

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