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Kountry Life Memories

Old Time Radio
Reading the memories of Mr. Warner of W.V. below (WCFL) reminded me of the old days listening to the old barn radio while we were milking. The radio had to overcome the noise of the vacuum pump and the click-click of the milkers. During the winter the barn was kept warm(er) by the body heat of the cows, which however also brought enough moisture to frost the whitewashed walls, not to mention the windows.

It was in this setting that I heard WOWO Ft. Wayne, Indiana as a young boy. A regular program began with a tune 'In a little red barn on a farm down in Indiana, let me lay my back on a stack of new mown hay, in the farmyard where the barnyard folks are pally, let me dilly dally all the live long day...' Then Jay Gould would say, 'come on and sit down, sit down on this wagon tongue or on a bale of hay while we visit with our guest'. A farm topic would follow. Entertainment was provided (bluegrass style) by Nancy Lee and the Hilltoppers. They'd laugh and have too much informal fun! Then a word from the sponsor- Minneapolis Moline. Their jingle- 'Moline mighty Mo, Moline rarin to go, Moline machines have more power, do more work every hour, Moline, mighty Mo, Moline Minneapolis Moline!' - followed by talk of the mighty 5 Star. It was Christmas in July when dad actually bought a (slightly newer version) of that model- paraded brand new in a 4H parade! Maybe the jingle actually worked on dad. They don't advertise tractors with songs anymore (that I'm aware of). Those were the days!

Sawtooth, from OH, entered 2004-12-06

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