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Kountry Life Memories

Grandaddys Garden
I got my love of gardening from both sides of my family, but most of the gardening methods I use I owe to my maternal Grandfather and Grandmother. From the time I was born until I was in jr. high, I spent many-a-day with my 'Grandmama and Granddaddy'. They had a big garden and canned practically everything. Matter-of-fact, they had two gardens. One garden was big and the other was samll. Grandmama always said that the little one was her's and the big one Granddaddy's. As a small boy, I believed it. Of course, as I got older I found out that she was just kidding. The reason for the two gardens was because the path to the outdoor toilet divided the garden spot. You know the rule about the shortest distance to an object is a straight line? Well that's why the path went through the garden. Anyway, I had a special garden hoe with a short handle and I would hoe along a row with Granddaddy; trying to do it exactly like he did. I couldn't wait to go to the garden with him or, on rare occasions, Grandmama when she went to hoe the peas or butterbeans or corn and all manner of other garden crops. Plus there was the added bonus of getting to hear a story or tale of something that had happened long before I came along. These usually came from Grandmama as Granddaddy wasn't much on talking, though he would sometimes tell an interesting incident that had occured in his life. They have both been gone many years now and I miss them very much but I will always have the memory of the two gardens they raised and the times I spent learning the art of gardening from two master gardeners.

Monty, from LA, entered 2005-02-23

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