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Kountry Life Memories

Thinking Back, My First Nine Years of Joy.
Back when I was a young boy, My MeMaw and PawPaw had a huge impact on my memories. I think back when I was a kid and the first thoughts that come to mind were the times that we had together.

PawPaw had a small farm in East Texas and he had every intention on retiring there one day. He dug ponds and built piers on them. Built guest houses. Had horses and a wagon. He did all of this work so that he could entertain his family.

He would take me with him almost every trip up to the country. I remember stopping at the Ice Cream Float Stand on the side of the road each trip. He never knew that I didn't care for the floats, but I drank them anyway (cause dad told me their were starving children). When we would get to the farm gate he would always ask me if I wanted to open the gate, and of course I would always fall for the same ol' trick, get the gate open and be left in a trail of dust. Boy that would make me mad, having to walk all the way to the house! It's funny to me now because I play the same trick on my kids.

Early every morning I would wake to the smell of MeMaw's cooking. There was always a full spread of breakfast, and I always ate everything on my plate. PawPaw always had an excuse to go into town. I would tag along with him because I thought we were real buddys and he always took me to the watermelon stand that had the sawdust floors and a monkey on a bicycle that would ride back and forth across the room on a wire. Back at the house I never had a dull moment. I spent many hours sittin' on the swing shellin' peas and snappin' beans, MeMaw would be cannin and freezin'. After we had lunch, PawPaw always had a nap, and of course I had to have one too. It seemed as if we would sleep for hours. We would go fishin' in the afternoon and ride horses sometimes. He also had the garden that needed tending. I was always fascinated by the way the tractor would turn up the dirt.

MeMaw would take me with her to the farm during the week sometimes when PawPaw had to work. One time it had rained and the road leading up to the gate was real muddy, the car was all over the road and finally into the ditch. We had to walk all the way to the house. MeMaw got the tractor and a chain and we went and pulled the car up to the gate.

I was six when MeMaw passed and nine when PawPaw joined her and I had lost my joy. Later in life I was told that the reason they took me with them so much, over any of my cousins, was the fact that out of all nine grandkids, I was the only one that would eat all my food, and that made them happy.

DNT, Dennis Kinney, from Tx, entered 2000-01-14

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