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Kountry Life Memories

From City to Country
Being only 46 now, one may not think of yester-years as often as the older ones however I guess I'm the exception. I was born and raised in Ashland,Kentucky until I was 9. My mother died when I was that age and to me it was the end of the world. I stayed with my maternal grandparents for a short time after that because my father was working very long hours trying to get all the bill paid. Well about a year later my father met this very nice woman and they were married.Now This woman was from a little town south of Ashland called Inez. I was use to having kids on my block to play with but once Dad and Veva married we all lived in Inez. Now there wasn't any neighbors for at least half a mile and only one boy close to my age. Needless to say I was so lonely and homesick for the city that I just didn't know what to do. Ya see,I had never even been to a farm before this time and I knew nothing about it, and just overnight I was living on one, complete with chickens and a mule. Now me and this mule(Ole Bob) hit it off. Every day after school I was on his bare back riding him and in the fall my step-grandfather would have all the field corn cut and stacked into fauder shaulks and I got to drive the mule and sled across the creek to help him cut and load the shaulks onto the sled to bring it in. Now once we had all the corn in my step-grandfather and sometimes me would go through it and snap the ears of corn from the stalks by hand and the sorn staulks is what the mule got to eat during the winter,along with the ears of corn. Come spring time it all would start over,planting of the sweet corn and potatoes and lots of other things for canning and freezing for us to eat and then several bottoms of field corn to feed the chickens and mule. All of them are gone now,My Father,Stepmother(who was as good to me as if I were her own) and the Grandparents and today I own that farm. Daily I think about what it might have been if I had stayed in Ashland and not been moved here and I know am so thankful for what my father done for me. Now, I don't think I could live in the surroundings of a city at all..not enough space and I would surly miss my mountains............ Thanks Dad and Veva and Mama and Papa for changing this city boy into a country boy !!

Jerry C., from KY, entered 2000-01-20

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