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Kountry Life Memories

Bees in the Bonnet
Once, back round 60, me an my brother worked summers putting up hay for neighbors. Pay was 1.25 per hour for generally a 4 hour or o day, in the afternoon. One day we worked for Warren Grabel over on the Dicktrickson ? place. Mrs D still lived there but her husband was gone. He had an F-30 parked on a rise so he could kick start it, but I guess he kicked first. Anyway,the barn didnt have a hay mow. The hay was got off the wagon till it was 4 tiers high then the top hay door was let down and a big long John Deere elevator was used & the baleas would just drop down in front of the barn and we would aul them backl in place and build up. Well, we was near the top of the 40ft? high barn, close enough to be able to nearly reach the hay rail. We would come up to the front, grab a bale as it cam up the elevator and haul it back, in a kinda rotation. Only Jr. his boywas outside unloading so we would bunch uo bt the door waiting & catching air( if theree was any). Well, me Kenny, my brother andWarren was up front Warrewn waiting for a bale to come up. Bees were getting bad as the area had shrunk in which we could move abd they navigate. Suddenly Warren took of his hat & swung at a bee and put back his hat just as a baLE CAME UP. He lifted the bale took on a sudden puzled look grabbed his hat an ran DOWN the elevator going over hay an all. We thought he had gone nuts.

Wm. Christopher, from OK, entered 2000-03-20

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