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Kountry Life Memories

Papa's M
To start with Im doing this for a friend who lost his battle with cancer a couple of months ago,we called him Johnny because he loved John Deere. I was a young chap when Papa bought that old M.I thought it was funny at first because we had a Farmall M and that Deere M wasnt as big.I really dont know why Papa bought it.We didint need it,after all we had a C farmall,a M Farmall and some other tractor I cant remember.Anyways,we ran at least two of them every day.Mostly the Farmalls and occasionally the M JD would get used.Well I remember one day Papa came home with a set of cultivators or something for that M JD.From that day one that Deere got used more everyday.We had a lot of land back then,around four hundred acre.That was a lot for one family to take care of so Papa got my Uncle Tyra to help us and we would help him.That old Deere would run sometimes 20 hours a day.Well something happened to it one day,Uncle Tyra and I was sitting on the egde of the feild next to a grove of pine trees.I looked up at Papa and heard a loud pop and a saw a big cloud of smoke rolling through the air.I cant remeber exactly what Papa was saying but I do remember it had a lot of four letter words.Well we ran over there and the ground was covered with oil and water and there was a big hole in the block.The old Deere had kicked the bucket.Well we went home and got one of our other tractors and pulled the old deere to the grove of pines and there she sat for as long as I can remember.It was now a home to bees and a couple of squirels and the only time Papa would go over to it was to relieve himself when he was in that part of the feild.Well Papa passed away and I moved up north for about 30 years.I had learned that the people that had bopught the old homeplace was selling it and had made up my mind to move home!I bought the house and did a little work to it and the old bard and had a real nice place.The feilds had grown over with trees,mostly pines.My wife and I decided to go for a walk one day and low and behold there sat the M my Papa had used all those years ago.To make a long story short it cost me 500 dollars to get the trees removed to pull her out of the woods and another 2000 to fix the old gal up.! I can personally tell you that Johnny loved his Papas tractor.I will miss him but Ill think about him every time his son fires that Deere up.JDM

John Manley for a friend, from NA, entered 2000-04-11

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