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Kountry Life Memories

Mud, Mud Everywhere
READING THIS WONDERFUL ARTICLES IT MADE ME THINK OF THIS WEEKENDS EVENTS! we had our local tractor clubs PLOW DAYS here on our farm and it was a nice day out! lots of peole came and we had quite a few kids that came for fun on the farm! my niece was one of them! she lives in the suburbs and not use to farm surroundings. she made her first mistake by hanging out with my cousin's kids who live out here and they know the ropes!! they took her and a few others to the creek! they were trying to build a bridge across with logs and my niece Rae was the first to cross! well as you can guess she ended up face first in the mud!! they all laughed!! the next one came over and she made it! the rest of the kids were younger and of course they didn't make it over but got their boots stuck in the mud and walked right out of them!! so the other girls had to go and dig in the mud for the boots!! well after 45minutes of digging and finally finding the boots there was not a clean spot on any of them!! After all had left the party we started looking for them and here they come walking up the road, mud on every inch of they're little bodies!! alls you could see was their eyes and teeth!! they were laughing and giggling and carrying their boots and just talking up a storm of their adventure in the creek! we all laughed when heard they're story and promptly turned the hose on them to get some of the mud off before throwing them in the tub!! that day will live down in history of our family!! the fun they had on the farm that day. i hope in the future they all look back an laugh when they remember the fun they had that day! farm memories i feel are the best in a kids life! you get to have fun and be yourself and discover what you can do! the

Teri, from NY, entered 2000-05-01

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