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Kountry Life Memories

Summer Visits At My Grandma's
When I was about 12 years old mother and I went to Missouri to stay with my two Aunts & Grandma Edwards for about a month. Now this was really down in the sticks and when I say down in the stick you can not even imagine how far back in the stick it was without going there. The closest neighbor was just a little over three miles away. About the second day we were there Aunt Mary was calling the cows in and I noticed the echo. I went out in the yard and started to yell just as loud as I could. In a little bit here came the neighbor to see what was wrong. He was really mad when he found out what it was. He told me that the only time people yelled like that there was when they need help. The roads into Aunt Mary's had been picked out around rocks and trees through the creeks and over some pretty steep hills. So it took a while for him to get down to Aunt Mary house. I think that was why he got so mad. There was not a car any were close that had an exhaust system on it. Aunt Mary had a pond in her cow lot that had the biggest bull frogs I have ever saw. She told me if I would take the gun and go kill her five or six frog she would fix frog legs for supper. Well I did not eat any frog leg. Every time I started to take a bite I could see those leg jumping around in the skillet while she was cooking them. Still to this day I have not eaten any frog legs. While we were there Uncle Fred & Uncle Clem cut and baled Uncle Fredís hay. They cut the hay with Uncle Fredís horses & an old horse drawn cycle mower. Uncle Clem raked & baled it using a New 1948 TO20 Ferguson tractor and a new Idea baler. These Horses of Uncle Fred were huge old horses while he was hooking them up to the mower one of them step on his big toe. That was the only time I ever heard him say a cuss word but boy did he come out with some dandy ones that day. Uncle Clem said Fred you shouldnít cuss like that in front of that boy. Uncle Fred said right now I donít give a hoot who hears me. Mom and I went there every summer after that for a month or so until I was sixteen. The next year Uncle Fred and Aunt Nora had built a nice big barn. The following spring they bought their first tractor.All I can remember is it was a Case with a round nose. When we went out the next summer there was big old hole in the side of the barn. The way it was set you turn in the gate and the barn was at the bottom of this steep hill. When I ask what happened? Aunt Nora told me never mind. Uncle Fred just had to tell me what caused the hole in the barn though. It seems that Aunt Nora had decided to learn to drive the tractor. They had a wagon load of hay on behind the tractor. Uncle Fred was setting on top of the hay. Aunt Nora turned in the gate and started down the hill. As the tractor picked up speed she hit the clutch instead of the brake. (Uncle Fred said there she was headed for the barn. Getting faster all the time. She was pulling back on the steering wheel hollering Woe Woe Fred this thing wonít stop. He said here I was up on that hay with no way to get to the tractor to stop it.) The tractor went all the way in the barn. (Uncle Fred said she look up at him and said we didnít need that wall anyway.) I can still picture her pulling on that steering wheel and yelling Woe even though I was not there. They lived in this old log house. While they were having a new house built. There were places where the Mud had fallen out of the cracks between the logs and left holes you could put your fist through. Uncle Fred told of a time that Aunt Nora woke him up she said Fred look. Just above his head was a big old black snake coming though a hole in the wall. He said she just laid there looking at the snake with me try to get out of the bed. He said I finally just push her out in the floor. When he told this story I laughed till my side hurt. You should have known these two people they were Funny even when they were trying to be serous.. When he told a story he used all kinds of hand and body language. So there is no way I could tell this on here and make it as funny as when he told it.

Dean Austin, from OK, entered 2000-06-19

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