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Kountry Life Memories

Our Farm
My father purchased a farm in NJ in 1959, which consisted of 50 acres (mostly flat) with a running stream and some woods. My father was a attorney and this was truly an adventure. But he wanted to do it right, so we did plant crops, mow hale and the like and did make it a working farm. But this still was not his profession or means of support. We did raise various animals also. We had horses, pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks.

I recall the first winter as being harsh and we had a lane that was maybe 1/2 mile long. Well, my father and grandfather built a homemade wooden v plow out of heavy planking to be pulled by one of the work horses, Susie. My brother's and my job was to 'add weight' to the plow as my father would control old Susie. It was cold and very often, both of us would be covered in snow as it came over this plow, but we loved it. Needless to say, until dad developed more mechanical methods of plowing snow, like a tractor with a plow, this continued for the first few years on the farm. In fact, there were times when, if it was cold enough to freeze the fields, dad would drive our cars thru the fields to get out to the road from our farm until he could plow. Funny how those experiences can flood one's thoughts after so many years have passed.

Dave, from NJ, entered 2001-01-08

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