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Kountry Life Memories

Learning to be Country.
We are not all lucky enough to be born Country. But my Sister and I were lucky enough to live in the Country from the time she was 6 and I was 8. But learning to be Country sometimes takes some doing. As you hear things about beef and cows. And you learn the hides are made for all kinds of things. Shoes, drum covers, belts. and so on. So your ideas of hides, takes on a different meaning. I learned all to well, and fast, they are not what is really pictured in a kids mind. We moved to San Ramon when I was 8, and by the time I was 11 we had formed a group of us kids that would go on a Sat. afternoon, after all chores were done, hiking, swimming in the creek, or what ever sounded fun for the day. There were about 8 of us, as the poplulation of San Ramon at that time was only 100, and the nearest we lived to each friend was about a mile or so..We would all pick a spot to meet, and set off. On this one Sat. we decided to hike up the back hills and see what all was up there..We found a big bull that did not look friendly, and stayed away from him, and on we went. About an hour into the hike we came across a dead, bloated cow in a revene, and as we hiked on, I kept thinking of that bloated cow, and stretched leather...Well as we were coming back down the hill, that cow was still in my mind, and soon I saw her..The young, dumb, country mind went into overdrive, and I took off running down the hill, jumped down and onto that cow, expecting to spring to the other side..Hey, it was streched leather wasn't it..Well that cow exploded. And I can not even begin to tell you what I looked like,and we won't even mention smell, but I will say, the rest of the group would not even come near me, and my sister could not wait to get home and tell Mom and Dad what I did. I can never see a dead cow without having instant recall, all these many years later. But I stayed country, and still live out where it is peaceful, quiet, and beautiful.Nothing in the world like Country living. Except the Country leaning. ;)

Lil Roberts, from Ca, entered 2001-02-20

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