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Kountry Life Memories

Kid Pranks or Outhouse Candy
Sound like a sick title? Well, what my Sister Lil did to me was nothing less then yukky....we spent a great deal of our youth on a small farm in San Ramon California, where we had a wide variety of animals and lots of room to run, play and explore. We had and shared many wonderful adventures on that farm..but often times pranks were pulled that boggled the imagination...just such a prank was done one afternoon......we were out playing under the walnut tree nearest our trailer, where we lived before dad built our pretty house, and our Mother caled my sister Lil to come by her...I kept on playing....pretty soon my sister came toward me, but instead of coming on over to where I was playing, instead she went into the ole outhouse attached to the side of our big, wonderful barn. She only stayed in there a few minutes, but when she came out, she came over to where I was...and said Mom gave us some candy sis, but she said I was to give you first pick..she opened her hand and there lay two pieces of what looked like piece was white and the other a light brown color..chocolate...she was being sneaky and said the white one is white fudge sis and the other, was poopoo, and well you know that I was just in the outhouse... I said 'oh, how can you stand to touch that'....and visions of what it might be were running through my head and making me very nervous...but that chocolate one did look mighty good in spite of what she had said...but she kept on talking and her words made me more wary as to what that round brown item in her hand really was. So, being careful and more then a bit fearful, I chose the white piece....thinking I got the only candy, and she got, know...teehee. Soon as I chose the white one, she promptly plopped the chocolate piece into her mouth, and Im sure the look on my face was priceless, as I really thought she was eating the unspeakable item from the outhouse....YUKKKKKKK..she started to laugh, saying 'I fooled ya sis' I ran crying to mom and told mom of her mean trick.......don't remember what mom did, but sis never played that trick on me again and she was awful mad at me the rest of that day...........

Alice Caffejian, from NV, entered 2001-02-22

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