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Kountry Life Memories

The Old Home Comfort Wood Cookstove.
It came to live with us in 1940 I guess. Brand new and ordered from the factory in St. Louis MO. I wasn't around just yet [1943] but still remember it from way back. Pap would 'fire it up' in the early morning hours-using sassafrass kindling along with corn cobs soaked in kerosene. As soon as it was goin good mom would be up fix'n to build pancakes, fried eggs, fried taters and always some kind of fried hog. Those cool mornings in the dead of winter were the most enjoyable I think. Ole Jeep [my brother] and I had to start gettin firewood up for the day -before goin to school. This big old stove was white with 6 burners and a water tank on the right side.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were always the favorite time of year way back then. Homemade choc or peanut butter fudge along with cookies, cakes etc were always to be expected. Mom didn't ever disappoint us! The homegrown turkey was always a pleasure to just smell cookin not to even mention eatin that big raskel.

Those long ago days are just a memory now but boy how those memories are burned into my old brain. The stove is gone along with pappy, the old house and just about everything else that we loved so much. Ole Jeep lives just north of the homeplace and has a different Home Comfort stove in his basement. Brings back memories somewhat to go over there and kinda sidle up to that big raskel and warm up a mite. Mom is alive at 88 and livin in town. She was a big part of those precious memories of long ago. old hoot gibson. Matt.24;44

hoot gibson, from IL, entered 2001-07-29

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