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Kountry Life Memories

The Haunted Tractor
Years ago when I was about eight or nine years old, my grandaddy was a farmer in west Texas. He used to take me out on the tractors and combines which were my favorite, when he went to work. He let me take the wheel sometimes and I just couldn't believe that I could keep this thing goin' straight. Thought I was goin' to invent the words 'crop circles' sometimes! But I did pretty good as a first time farmer. I even remember playin' around on an old Ford 8N. Had a blast until I got it stuck in the ditch. And folks, we ain't talkin' a street ditch either! We talkin' 'bout a irrigation ditch. Four street ditches rolled into one! Anyway, the only tractor on the place that I think my Grandaddy felt safe about letting me drive with no help was an old tractor that I thought was haunted. The only one on the place I didn't care to get around! He would go out there and start this thing, put it in gear and off it goes. By it's self. Ain't nobody on it! You could get up at four in the mornin' and that thing would be out there diggin' dirt! Now what do you think is runnin' through my mind? My Grandaddy tried his best to put me on that thing and I stuck to him like super glue. Well, just before we moved back to east Texas, my grandaddy finally got me to the point that I could sit on the tractor ALONE! As time went by, he explained how this tractor was able to plow all day and all night. He told me that the tractor had what was called a furrow guide on the front which kept it aligned with the furrows as it plowed. Before hand, I didn't care for an explanation. Didn't need one. Had my own. Casper was plowin' the fields to make Ghost Toasties! Casper could have it! Anyway this is only one of many memories I will always cherish of getting to spend time on the farm, and hope the readers like it. Can't beat the country!

Kenneth Hooten, from Tx, entered 2003-01-01

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