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Kountry Life Memories

In Memory of Uncle Tom Wertz, Bedford, Pa.
Uncle Tom Wertz passed away Saturday, Jan. 18,2003. With him went our ties with the family farm and the old ways of life... simpler ways and harder days. He was a dairy farmer in the mountain valley just south of Bedford, Pa. Selling his cows when he retired was the hardest thing he ever did... (except maybe keeping the taxes paid on the old farm). He was a teacher... what I learned from him I will pass on to my grandson... keeping animals, making hay, cutting firewood, building fence, cleaning the wax out of a kids ears fore he'd take us to town... are only a start. He was an old tractor mechanic... always seemed to keep the old Ford 640 running. I think he was glad to see it stay in the family... I will never get rid of it. He was a joker... always made us laugh... from squirting us with milk when he was hand milking and we got to close... to the legend of the bloody hand in the attic. He was a provider... I can't count the mouths that were fed from food grown on his and Grandpa Bobs farm. (And to my 'kin' who seemed to only care about him in hopes of getting a piece of the land... try to remember this... and shame on you!) And finally he was a lover... after being a bachelor for 50 years, hats off to the woman who brought him love & happiness in these last years, his wife Pandora. Uncle Tom... THANK YOU for a lifetime of good memories. Your nephew, Phil Marko.

Old Henry, from Tn, entered 2003-01-20

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