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Kountry Life Memories

Hogs in the road
I grew up in a nice little SE Texas town before the sixties arrived with all the crazy hippies and liberals with educated ideas to change the country.There were no fences on the roadsides which were main thouroughfares from one town to the other.Two lane concrete highways did not reach all the small towns .So you traveled a lot of dirt roads,You often found hogs and cattle just laying on standing in the road so you honked drove around them.The hogs wallowed out holes in the roads.But along the busy roads there were the store/gas stations and everyone wanted to get sodawater and ice cream.The pump was clear glass at the top to see if the gas was clean and how much you got.That was honest business.Often the old car or truck needed water.More often you got water from the ditches because the engines need water often for some reason.You needed no drivers license nor insurance,nor safety sticker.But the tags on your vehicle was best kept update.You seldom saw a policeman along most roads except in the bigger towns.Most didnt care about all those regulations if you drove deciently.Most all the police were nice downhome folks anyway.Along many roads there was a spring or an artesian well with water to drink at no cost.People helped each other getting their cars or trucks cranked if they stalled.If the bumpers matched they would push with the running vehicle.If not everyone pushed by hand.People were much healthier then for this reason.Lots of pushing for those old gearbox cars and trucks.Eventually,if the roads were not too muddy,You got to see all the cousins.Go swimming,hunting and often doing the work of collecting and processing the food because little came from the store.But in winter the old fireplace was here the yarns were told at night.Often it ended with missing Spanish gold or wild and dangerous animals in the pineywoods.This ws mostly for entertainment because the TVs snowed if there was one around or the radios needed batteries.Most all the old records for the crank wind record players had been heard too often.But when it came time for the return trip home all the kids played got you last while the older folks were saying good bye.Today I never see cows ,hogs nor tumblebugs on the roads.If you travel these days you need all those papers, license and stickers on your vehicles.The nickle Coke is a dollar now and you cant see the gas before you put it in the tank.25 cents a gallon was not a bad price either.

Clod, from TX, entered 2003-05-31

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