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Kountry Life Memories

Trapping Days
There weren't a lot of jobs around, so people got by on whatever they found on the land. One such fella was called Horseless Mcoy and he tended a long trap route out west by Wolf Lake just past the Flowers place .... well Chancy Burt was a hard-drinking lad and also ran a 2-day trap route in that direction. As most trappers in those days, they were more animal than human, shunning people and paid little attention to boundaries. They traveled light, moved thru the shadows and unless you had a pelt, they weren't interested. One Fall, Horseless had got the flu at the other end of his route, so was delayed long enough to fashion a makeshift cabin. Sometime later, Chancey spied the cabin and started using it overnite. He even carted a small stove up there, quite a luxury and maybe a gesture of gratitude. Well, the both of them noticed they weren't using the cabin alone and figured out who each other was, and adjusted their schedules to avoid conflict. One winter afternoon, Chancey saw smoke coming from the chimney so bundled in the woods overnite and waited for Horseless to leave. By morning i guess he was feeling less than neighborly, so somehow he managed to loosen the shelter and dragged the whole thing across Wolf Lake. But not before finishing the leftover beavertail stew that was in the kettle. Both fellas got deathy ill, and of course blamed the other and declared that they'd shoot him next time they saw him. Not really knowing or wanting to pursue where his cabin had gone, Horseless built another, fancier cabin handy for himself and toward Spring, apparently Ben Flowers found both places, thought they were squatting on his land and burned them down. Horseless died in the woods and Chancey got religion, going on to fish with my grampa and umpire at local baseball games. Ben Flowers built what would become (the now defunct) Kinnunen's Store in Wolf lake.

DeadCarp, from Mn, entered 2003-07-09

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