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Kountry Life Memories

My First Pony
I had a black/white pony my father bought for me when I was in kindergarten. I named him Cocoa. We didn't have the money for a saddle and I always longed for one so I could feel like a real cowgirl. I would groom and love on that pony all the time. I was the youngest child and the other children were mostly teenagers and there was a big age difference between myself and the older 4 children. Often I found myself more often spending time with all the animals by myself. I can remember the sweet smell of my pony from all the grass he ate and the feeling of wind rushing through my hair as I rode him through the fields. One of my fond memories was going for a ride down the country road we lived on and heading up towards a neighbors house who had a stocked catfish pond. His name was Mr. Chumbler and he would let me bring my cane pole up and fish during feeding time. I would haul them out left and right. When I was finished fishing I'd ride home on my pony with all those fish in tow. One day I found my father out with my pony and he said the pony had foundered. After watching my dear pony in such pain, Dad slowly walked my pony to the top of a hill in Mom's organic garden. That pony stood there all day while Dad dug the hole for him. I remember hiding up on the top balcony porch of our old farmhouse and I could see the whole event from about 300 yards away. I saw Dad go get the gun and I covered my ears and eyes as the shot rang out. My pony just fell right into the hole my father had dug.(back then, you didn't call the vet out to do what you could do yourself) To this day...I assume that garden is well fertilized. I can now look back on this event with a light heart and realize it's just part of real life. I have horses now as an adult and still smell their sweetness and remember my first horse, Cocoa. Just a side note; my brother-in-law of 30 years recalls this very event often as this was the first day my sister brought her new beau home to meet the parents and my brother-in-law went up to my dad and shook his hand while my father was picking up the gun and my brother-in-law said 'what's the hole for?' and my Dad said 'him' and notioned toward my Pony. Then my father said 'standback' and shot my Pony. My brother-in-law was scared to death.

Annie in KY, from KY, entered 2003-07-17

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