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Kountry Life Memories

Model T Hay Wagon
After my grand-parents moved closer to town, I had to go live with them for a year while my mother recuperated from illness! The people down the road had a little farm where they raised hay and corn to sell. They had a son, Henry, who was about 6 years older than me, but he and I got to be friends. Instead of a tractor and hay wagon, they used an old Model T truck to haul in the hay from the fields. My friend would give me instructions on how to drive it, and even let me drive a few times, if his father was away! Now, the hay field had a hump in it that ran from one end to the other, which made the edges rather steep! One day, we were picking up hay to haul to the barn. My friend, Henry, was driving, i was up on top of the load, another fellow was forking hay up on the load, while i distributed it evenly! After putting on a big load, Henry turned the truck around, but he went down the side of the hill to the steep part, and the old T truck started to tip! Well, let me say that i ran off the up-hill side of the load, the truck rolled over, the cab got smashed, Henry had to change his drawers, and when his father got home, you could hear him swearing for a mile or two. And Henry had trouble sitting down for about a week! My grand-parents made me stay off any mechanisms at Henry's farm from then on!

Rusty Jones, from PA, entered 2003-10-06

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