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Kountry Life Memories

Hog Killin Time at my Granny n Papas.
As a kid i can remember, it like it was last saturday.that was about 40 yrs ago. about twice a year.a hog killin took grand parents lived out side of a little fishing town called Horseshoe beach the country what was then was really in a swamp.he had carved and hacked out 80 acres there. in the late twenties. i lived with them as a days of remembering the day. was like christmas to us kids.all the neighborhood kids get together n play and chase the girls,but work was to be done that day. they would be about 5 famlies there in the little community. that had hogs to kill. that morning would sound like fireworks going off.the ole single shot 22rifles, making the hit in the burr of the ear. while my papa was getting the fire started under the old 60 gallon sugar kettle.he'd send me down in the feild to chop a big reisen knot off that ole lob lolly pine tree,when i got back the water was starting to smoke, he would bust up the reisen knot put a chunk in the the hair would stick together. he'd dip his fingers in it, to check it.then you would turn around and that ole farmall tractor hooked to the post hauling trailer, was backed up to the kettle table,with all the hogs laying there.the grown ups would slide one off in the hot water. roll it over a couple times. drag it out on the table.and it seemed like 6 sets of hands grabbin and pulling hair. my job was slippin the hoofs off, and keeping the fire going. well it didn't take them men but just a minute to slide the first hog back on the trailer. then a couple of neighbors would split the back legs and pull the ham string out.and slide the gammlin stick in place.and hang the hog up. it wouldn't be just a minute the guts would fall in a #2 wash tub. the women folk took the gut tub to their end of the table then.strip the guts and wash them and strip the corn out of'em and turning them inside out and wash them again.'CHITTERLINS'.one woman had the liver n lites n lungs pulled n cleaned and the hearts, there was fresh pork hanging every where, on nails laying on tables, in backs of trucks. as the day went on. finally the last hog came out of the kettle. and was hung and gutted. the dogs and chickens. was pretty much cleaning up the mess on the grounds. in the mean time during the activities a couple of the women had went up to the house and cooked dinner.and came down and hollered dinner. so all the meat was covered up with old table cloths,and torn sheets. you talk about a spread of food.fresh pork of any discription.cold ice tea,,thick cat head biscuits,,a big jug of cane syurp, to sop.,pot of greens, feild peas that had been in jars since the spring garden was producing, big pot of rice, some venison meat cooked down in gravy. for the rice.,,, dam those were the days,,;););););)

then the meat salting started. the old smoke house was jumping for about a month smoking meat, hams, sausesage, sides of bacon, just walk in the smoke house pull down 8-10 links of sausage, or take down some bacon slice off what u needed for a cpl of cookin's,

well most all them old timers are all gone now, that old smoke house,,sugar kettle . is still standing 2day,but everyone has perrished. i find myself getting lost in those ole memories even 2day. you talk about this today. and people look at you like your crazy.i see people that skin hogs. and waste so much meat.its a shame to what people throw away these days.i built a smoke house .frow what was pitched away at the dump.HEY i ain't ashamed to pick it up. i been smokin meat in old refridgerators.for years but was limited for space. so i started with my smoke house. well i aint wanting to bore u folks with all this. are their any good ole time stories out there???? i'm new to this site,but hope everyone has a ''DAM GOOD THANKSGIVING''


Randy Douglas, from fl, entered 2003-11-24

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