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Table of Contents

How to Season a Cast Iron Pan
Common Measures
Measuring Lumber
Planting Distance for Fruit Trees and Berries
Amount of Paint Required for a Given Surface
Miscellaneous Measurement Information
How to Measure the Height of a Tree or Tall Building
How to Milk a Cow By Hand
How to use a small drill bit to drill a large hole
How to evenly sharpen a mower blade
How to fix a garden hose
How to make Well Cistern on/off low/high level sensors in an Emergency
Troubleshooting your small gas engine
How to put on an Axe Handle
Caring for Baby Chicks
Making a Compost Pile
Pruning Red Raspberries
Pruning Blackberries
Storing Tomatoes
Making Sour Cream
Making Butter
Maintaining Rubber Tires on Farm Tractors & Implements
Making Concrete in Freezing Weather
Driving a Nail into Plaster Without Cracking
Driving a Nail Over Your Head
Emergency Wood Stove Repair
Emergency Shoe-Lace Repair
Making a Fish Line Weight
Softening Hardened Paint Brushes
How to Find Out Which Spark Plug Isnt Firing
Cleaning Pots & Pans While Camping
Supplying Calcium for your Chickens
Making a Homemade Chicken Waterer
How to Separate Cream from Milk
Shakin Butter
Keep Your Horse, Sheep, etc from Bolting Grain
How Much Hay to Stock for Winter
Emergency Cotter Key
Fried about green tomatoes?
Hammer a Brad Nail Without Smashing Your Finger
Keep those buckets
Make a Homemade Firestarter
What Do Those Three Numbers on a Bag of Fertilizer Mean?
How to Weigh Items with your Front-end Loader
How to Harvest and Store Herbs
Eating Your Own Vegetables Year-Round
How to Extend the Garden Growing Season
How to Choose a Christmas Tree
Pruning Fruit Trees
How to Make a Small Watergarden
Safe Tractor Operation
How to Protect Your Septic System Drain Field
How to Sharpen an Axe or Hatchet
How to Nail a Board Without Splitting It
An Easy Way to Toenail a Board
Help With Cutting a Tree Limb
How to Get a Skunk Smell Off Your Dog
Make an Emergency Wrench
Pasteurizing Milk
How To Build a Fire in the Snow
Make Liquid Soap from Bar Soap Scraps
Keeping Kids Busy - Stencils
How to Weigh a Pig Without a Scale
Making a Chick Brooder from a Kiddie Pool
Grow Potatoes In a Wire Cage
Alladin Lamp 101
Stay Safe Working With Electricity
How to Fix a Runaway Alladin Lamp
Fixing Tubeless Tires That Seep
Plans For An Outdoor Wild Turkey Feeder
Affordable & Easy Shop Floor
Grow Great Tomatoes or Peppers
Make a Transport Box
Hammer a Brad Nail Without Smashing Your Finger Part 2
Stick Trick to Unhook Fish
Another Cheap Shop/Barn Floor
Separate Cream From Milk
Best Skunk Remedy
Make your Roses Bloom Better
Loose Handles
Measuring Along a Country Road
De-skunk a Dog
Use Identical Measuring Tapes
Sewing Tip or Where to Store Old Tractor Mags
Remove Rusty Nail Stains From Buildings etc.
Removing Dirt Stains etc. (Septic Safe)
Removing Grease Stains (Before Laundry Day)
How to Remove Iodine Stains
How to Remove Pitch aka Pine Tar/Sap
Stuck Oil Filter Tip
Unwanted Vistors
Polishing with Toothpaste
Tips for Growing Strawberries
Foolproof 90 degree Crosscuts with Circular Saw
E-Z Bacon Cookin
Less Greasy Bacon
Homemade Soap
Home Made Cheese
Laundry Soap
Hand Lotion
How to clean and soften paint brushes
My tumbling compost container.
Complete Practical Library from 1881
De-skunk a Dog
how to make a stanchion
Long lasting and FUN shooting targets
De-skunk a dog
stain fighter
Correction on Misc. Measurements
Raising Waterfowl
Build a Logging Arch
Garden & house pests
Write your memoirs; part one
Write your memoirs; part Two
Write your memoirs; part three
Home made charcoal lighter
Sure-fire dry skin remedy
Remove Pine Tree Sap From Your Hands
Cure for acid or hart-burn
Launtry Soap
Stains for below laundry soap
BTUs Sizing a heater
Keep Locks from Freezing
Curtain Rod Solution
Duck weed
De-Skunk a dog
De-Skunk Dog
Heartburn Gone...Ill be...
How to Store Small Seeds in Nylon Stockings
De-skunk Your Dog
Remove Greasy Stains from Clothing
Remove Grease From Clothes
Keep Padlocks From Freezing in the Winter
Get Rid of Moles
Get the Burs & Knots out of Horse-Mule-Cow Tail
Remedy for Hart to Catch Horse or Mule
How to Get Rid of a Stye
Poison Ivy
Stopping Bad Bleeding
Smoothe As Glass Finish For Stains
Understand Low Impact Logging
Super Easy Way To Make Goatmilk Soap
Jalapeno Lotion For Aching Joints
Bee Sting Remedy
Homemade Skunk Odor Removal Remedy.
How To Really Clean Cast Iron Pans.
The Only Way To Clean Cast Iron Cookware
How To Build A Low Impact Logging Arch
Cleaning Cast Iron
How To And What Is Low Impact Logging

De Skunk
De-Skunk Wash That Really Works
Poison Ivy
Stain Removal While Traveling
Poison Ivy Treatment
How To Remove Pine Sap
Keeping Goats/Cows From Girdling A Tree
How Not To Have A Ice Cream Headache
How To Make Your Own Hand Cream
Mustard For Burns
Sore Throat
Restring Kids Shorts,Etc.
Removing Blood Stains
How To Be Ready For Anything.
Storing And Using Tomatoes
How To Remove Pitch / Pine Sap

Fried Apples
Baked Onions
Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Nuts and Bacon
Corn Fritters
Sauted Bananas
Making Corned Beef
Homemade Ice Cream
Hush Puppies
Southwestern Sausage (Chorizo)
Hay-Time Switchel
Wilted Lettuce Salad
Cheese Cake
Orange Blossoms
Indian Fry Bread
Cream Cheese from Yogurt
Homemade Dog Biscuits
Easy Sauerkraut
Homemade Pectin
Venison Stew
Baked Acorn Squash
Creamed Spinach
Oatmeal Pancakes
Shoofly Pie
Glorified Scrambled Eggs
Homemade Salsa
Almond Roca
Home Made Lemonade
Sorghum Peanut bread
cinnamon cheesecake
Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies
Waldorf Salad
Wassail - An Old Time Refreshment
Molasses Taffy
Ginger Snap Cookies
Griddle Cakes - Pancakes - Flapjacks
Baked Lima Beans
Molasses Johnny Cake
Forty-Niner Flapjacks
Dandelion Jelly
Lime Pickles
Sweet Potato Pie
Poke Sallit Special
Cottage Cookies
Sad Cake
Crocked - Baked Taters
Plum Nutty Cake
Clover Honeys Foolproof Pie Crust
Lemonade Pie
Sweet Tomato Gravy
Scotch Eggs
Beef Stew
Red Velvet Cake
Tomato Pie
Golden Dutch Girl (Pie Crust)
Pantry Biscuits
Chicken Pepperoni
Herbed Lamb Stew
Hubbys favorite Mexican Lasagna
Perfect Berry/Fruit Cobbler
Porcupine Meatballs
crab salad
Yvonnes Best Chili
Peach Cobbler
Easy Peach Cobbler
Best Darn Hash
The best shortcrust pastry recipe youll ever see
Spanish Rice
Marinated Grilled Squab/Dove
Salmon Supper
Roast Rabbit
Fried Sweet Taters
Baking Powder Biscuits
Drop Baking Powder Biscuits...
Fluffy Dumplings
Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Holly Wreath Cookies...
Butterscotch Pudding or Pie Filling
Brownies - -- 5 minute Mixup
Main Dish Meatballs
Bread Machine Recipes
Moms Apple Pie
Kale Soup
Fruity Squares
New Yorker Steak
wolds best haburger gravy
Baked Chicken Lunch

Hearty hamburg/onion gravy
looking for biscuit recipie
standard biscuit dough
Fourth Generation potato salad
sausage gravy (sos)
Blackberry Cream Pie
Zucchinni Appetizers
Ranch Biscuits
Baked Potato Pancakes
Strawberry,Spinach Salad
Fried Apples with Nuts
Pinto beans in a crockpot
Montgomery Cabbage Casserole
Country Taco Soup
Chicken Pot Pie
School House Oatmeal Candy Cookies
Roast Duck (my secret)
Pineapplr Pudding
Gingersnap Baked Beans
KFC Gravy
Sheeps Head Broth
Touchdown Peanut Butter Marbled Brownies
Easy Pecan Pie
Easy Caramel Apple Pie
English Parkin,Children love this
Crock Pot Bar-B-Q
Pecan Kisses
Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pie
Cornbread Salad
Pearl Pippens Secret Tea Cake Recipe
Donnas Salsa
Homemade Butter
Green Tomato Jam
Lenores Potato Soup
Taco Soup
Chicken & Dumplings
Green Tomatoe Kraut
Apple Dumplings
Abbrow Muffins (Apple, Bran, Blueberry, Raisin, Oatmeal, Wheat)
Pumpkin Roll
Pie Baking Tip
Sloppy Joes
Vinegar Pie from
Chunky Fish Chowder
Butterscotch Brownies
Roast Duckling
Perfect Pie Crust
Prize Winning Apple Pie
Butter Milk Pancakes W/ Syrup
Blackberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake
Fruit Cocktail Cookies
Fruit Cocktail Bars
Beer Bread
Corn On The Cob
Lamb Rub...Bar-B Que
Blackberry Liqueur
Tortilla Soup
Lazy Cabbage Rolls
Spinach Casserole
Chicken Stew
Fudge-Brownie Smoothie
Fruit Salad Dressing
Popcorn Macaroons
Root Beer Cake
Stewed Tomatos
Ubly, Michigan . ( Roast Bear Paws )
Soybean Nuts
Michigan Baked Beans
Wild Rabbit
Smothered Country Squirrel
Beef Jerky ( Venison )
Pickled Herring
Deer Stew
Perfect Patio Salad
Fast Chili
Apricot Salad
Cherry Delight Salad

Memories of Dela Handy Just After Civil War
The Old Farmhouse
My Mother Always Did It...
Mom Could Not Believe It
The Old Wood Cook Stove
The First Day I Drove Grandpas Pickup on the Farm
First Time I Drove a Tractor
The Life and Times of Mary Porter
The Three Holer
Raising Pigs in the House
Grandma's North Dakota
Growing up on a Small Farm in the 50s and 60s
Growing Up On A Farm in Missouri
Growing Up On An Iowa Farm
Farm Memories - Circa 1952
The Early 50s on a Florida Ranch
Life Before Electricity
Grandpas Animals
Ryans Cross Roads
Going to the Grain Elevator with Grandpa
Thinking Back, My First Nine Years of Joy.
Plowing, or How I Became a Fathead
Father-Student, Son-Teacher
I Missed the Farm
From City to Country
Before TV
Uncle Tyrus
The Threshing Ring
Easy Does It
The Forgotten Way
Early 1900s Telling
Just Growing Up
Homemade Rootbeer
City Chickens
Childhood Memories, Present Day Realities
Mixed Breed Ducks
We Didn't Learn That in the City
Bees in the Bonnet
Hay Jumping
Ethans First G
Nephew on the Farm
Lost Melody
Papa's M
Mud, Mud Everywhere
Just Helpin Out
The Sentinels
Summer Visits At My Grandma's
Jim Dandy
Last Night I Dreamed of the Ledbetter Fields
Our Farm
Learning to be Country.
The Bees Knees
Kid Pranks or Outhouse Candy
Ah, Those Old Harvest Day......
Grandpas Farm
The Old Home Comfort Wood Cookstove.
Uncle Joe and Aunt Gracie
Fond Memories Growing Up in the 70s
Snakes, Bugs and Outhouses
Poor Mans Way of Working Cattle
Smart Mule
A Memory of Being a Kid
Starting School in the Fall
Goats and Bees Dont Mix
Alabama Dreamin - a childhood memory.....

The Haunted Tractor
Fast Runner
Reply to A Memory of being a kid. by Joe the Wrangler.
In Memory of Uncle Tom Wertz, Bedford, Pa.
Reply to Uncle Tom
Country Childhood
Uncle Toms Legend of the Bloody Hand
Fishin Peabody Creek Canyon
Way back when
way back when cont.
Log houses
Life in rural Pa. in the fortys
Hogs in the road
Grandfathers horse and buggy
The Final Crop
Ocean spray days..
Trapping Days
Kingfisher, High School
My First Pony
Potato Patch
Memory of the Country
In Response to John in Ca
Model T Hay Wagon
Hollywood Candy Bars
Hog Killin Time at my Granny n Papas.
The Draught Pony
Life on a Dairy Farm
A Pan of Brownies
More modern memories
Theres still Country in Calif.
My first bicycle
Childhood Memories Shopping for Mother
My First Cow Milking
When I was 9
Memory Skates
My First Trip to the Bakery
The Great Outdoors
A Day Of Shopping
Goin Downtown
Keep the Fences High and Tight
Childhood Farm Memories
Mystery Trip
Mystery Journey
Rabbits Cooking,Grandma Said
Memory - First Movie
Dreams Of The Alamo
Courtship Of Aunt Kate
Flying Cat
Before Electricity
A Childhood,Wooden Clothes Washer
Slop Happy
Going To The Family Ranch
Apple-Butter Makin Time
My Journey
Old Time Radio
The Chicken House
The Old Log Barn
Grandaddys Garden

You Might Be a Redneck Gardener If
People Are Like Potatoes!
The Farmer
John Deere Tractors
The City Man and the Chickens
Technology for Country People
Bringing The Bull Home
Cow Branding
Buddy the Horse
The Goat and the Railroad Tie
Cow in Labor
Safe Bull?
The Ingenious Child
The Salesman and the Farmer
The Apple Tree
The Missing Bull
My Favorite Mule, Bessie
The 35,000 Cadillac
The Mud Hole
Ethel the Cow
How Many Country Singers Does It Take....
Its So Dry in Texas That...
Its So Hot in Texas That...
The Difference Between Dogs and Cats
Top Theories
The Australian and the Texan
You Must Own an Antique Tractor If...
The Woman and the Frog
A Tale of Two Cows
Water in the Carburetor?
A Bicycle or a Cow...
Cogburn the Rooster
The Yellow Pig
Cure for a Mean Rooster
Jim-Bob and the Sheriff
Mischievous Boys
The Door-to-Door Salesman
Farmer Jim
Why did the chicken cross the road??
Tool Guide
Duck Hunters
History Lesson From the 1500s
Western or English?
Plucking a Chicken
The Leghorn Rooster
Country School
The Farmer's Dog
Maint. Strategies
St. Paddies Day is Coming
Two Clean Jokes
Little Kid Jokes
Country Preacher
You are Not Old...
Snake & Barn Rats Tale
Why did the rooster cross?
Shortage of Meat
Texas Wife's Accident
What did the plow say to the tractor?
My First Two Tractor Jokes
Boll Weevils
The Cow Salesman
Loose Chickens
Dumb Jokes
Things Kids Say
Funny Signs
Potato Planting
Hearing Loss
How to Chase off Suitors
What Happened to that Cow?
You Can Lead A...
Funny Bird
Tom Foolery
Another Irish Joke
Keep on farming
Old Blue ate my litty bitty phone
The ball game
Hot day
Wild horse ride
The chiuaua and the great dane
Bills Billboard
Just Wondering
Dog food
Smart Dog
The duel

Pickup truck
Jack & jill
Poisonous snake
He really has?
Flower of the Family
Tall Tale
Petrol for the Cow?
Calf in the Night
The difference
An Australian In Ireland.
Long Fall
Hearing Aid Batterry Gone Flat
Bar Service
Croak Like A Frog
Future In the Court
Spaghetti Farms??
Its so hot
Stock Market
The Skeliton
randolf the brown nosed raindeer
Easy Money
goat bell
Chicken and Possum crossing the road
Dry or what ???????????????
3 blind mice
Statement of fact
go get your momma
Old people
how cold is it
Drunk Farmer
A Sportsmen Preacher
its so cold
another statement of fact
word defination
Tax man
mr gates & mr field
you suck
Crossing the Road
Tight Old Man
roof egg
Lawyers priorities
De-Ranged Cowboy
Smoke Signals By Mistake
Eskimo Fishing
City Slicker Goes to Country
Differences corrected to make sense
Kids say the darndest things
Changing Lite Bulbs
Which of the U.S. states is mentioned in the Bible?
Who won?
Goat Humor
Roast Beef
John And The Melon Thief
Thibodeux- Boudreaux
Those Italian Country Boys
Barren Ground
Two Cows
Old People
Hobos Big Scare
Skunk Under The House
You Think It Is Hot Today ?
How Cold Does It Get In Wyoming?
Outstanding In His Field
The Coon Monkey.
Freeway To Heaven.
See This Hand?

Building an Inexpensive Greenhouse
The One-Cow Home Dairy
Buying An Older Tractor
Find Your Place in the Country
Animals and Winter
Building a Backyard Habitat Pond
Basic Hoof Care for Horses
Small-Scale Pig Raising
Building a Small Smokehouse
In the Summer of 1900
Canning Meat
Drying Fruits & Vegetables
Setting Up Shop
Power Tool Safety
All About Goats
Raising Llamas

Vintage Photos
1940 Ford 9N in Field
Three Horse Plow
Granger Homestead AC-B Tractor
Advance Rumely in Iowa
Farm Kitchen in Arkansas
Inside of Old Barn
Boys Fishing
Canning in Vermont
Clearing Land
Making Coffee in a Farm Kitchen
County Commissioner on Tractor
Corn Planter
Corn Crib
Crank Starting Tractor
Drawing Water from the Well
Farm With Cows
Farm Scene
Farm House
Farmboy With Tractor
Farm Auction
Farm Girl
Tractor in Field
Old Gas Pump
Gassing Up in 1940
Inside a General Store
Going to Town
Harvesting Corn
Home Canning
One Horse Plow
Horse and Buggy
New Farmall Tractors on Train
Kids Helping Dad
A Vintage Kitchen
Kitchen Utensils
Kitchen with Garland Stove
Lady in a Buggy
Snow Sleigh
Woman Milking Cow
Meat Curing in a Tree
Minneapolis Moline Tractor Factory
MM Tractor in Field
Ohio County Fair in 1938
Old Barn
Old Barn With Silo
Old Cabin
Main Street in Pie Town
Plowing Scene
School House
Steam Tractor
Threshing Scene
Breaking Virgin Soil in Texas
Drilling a Well
Wagon in the Field
Wood Drinking Bucket
Farmers Work Bench
Steam Engine Powering Sawmill
Grandfather Building House
Vintage Motorcycle
Hart Parr Tractor in North Dakota
Jim Wheatcroft on Vintage Harley
1942 Army Harley 45
Threshing, Circa 1952
Riding Number
Grandpas Truck
Pa Baling Hay
Cental Kansas Wheat Harvest 1951
Steam Tractor Pulling Breaking Plow
Picking Cotton in North Texas
Driving the John Deere M
Working 1944 Case Model S
Snow Plowing with the John DeereA
Barn Raising
Alfs Cabin
This old Tractor JD 70
Fall Harvest
Raising Dads Truck From The River
Octagon Barn Gagetown Michigan
Stuck with a Broken Axle
Ice Delivery
Sanilac Co. Farm 1920ies
Shocking Grain Huron Co, 1920ies
Binding Wheat Huron Co. 1920ies
Cross Village Indians 1930ies
Cross Village Indians 1930ies
Cross Village Indians 1930ies
1936 C Case Tractor Cultivating
1950 4 H Project
Black Eye Susans for Mom
Class of 1941 Sherman Center School
Minden City Michigan Railroad Station 1900
Deckerville High School 1900 Michigan
Deckerville Michigan 1910 Main Street
Forestville Michigan Horse & Buggy 1910
Forestville Michigan General Store
Goetze Homestead 1873 to 2002 Forestville Michigan
Threshing Day.
Threshing for the fun of it.
Harbor Beach Light House 1930
Frank Evans Farm Rural Deckerville
Frank Brenton Farm North of Deckerville1900
New Car Rural Deckerville Mi over 70 yrs. ago
Grandpa Justus In front of Garr Scott tractor
1930ies Ferry Dock Mackinaw City MI.
Three Famous Sanilac Co Girls
Moon Lite Cruise 1940
Farm House Sanilac Co. 1975
Northern Michigan Log Cabin
Sanilac Co. Country School Michigan
Jacob Landis Homestead, U.P. of Michigan
1889 pic.
Tin Type Photo of three people, approx 1860?
Tin Type Photo of three girls, 1860?
Old Barn
Our Old Barn
Old Grindstone
Dad & Me
Old Aerial View Of Farm
Gordon. F. Evans 1902 Deckerville Michigan
Farm Boy
No farm is a farm without a dog...
Horse-drawn Carriage
Milk Time
new version of a vintage pic by steve landis(in.)
picture touchup for steve landis
Harbor Beach, Michigan at the turn of the Century
Sanilac County Michigan Historical Museum
A Present for Lloyd from Michigan 10-03
My Dad
Santa Clause comes to Town
Early Logging Days at Rosedale, West Virginia
Goin Flyin
Fill-er Up
Dads Boots
Belly up
Century Bridge
1929 Minnesota
Summertime on the farm
Octagonal Barn
Wisconsin Barn
Wisconsin Barn
Vintage Allis Chalmers
Bread Wagon
Farm Friends
Wheatland High School 1964
Pioneers of the Prairie
Vintage Hamms
gordons oliver tractor
gordons massey harris tractor
Midwestern Corn and Soybean Farm
Local car club 1934
tomcools scooter plow

Photo Gallery
Union Butter Churn
Barrel Churn
Antique Churn Collection
Barn and Orchard
Farm Pond
Hand Cranked Corn Sheller
Sweet Corn in the Garden
Baby Dexter Calf
Dexter Bull
The Family Horse
Garden in Summer
A Childs Garden
The Family Milk Cow
Monarch Wood Cook Stove
Farm Cat
Rhode Island Red Chickens
Compost Tumbler
Wild Tom Turkey
Daddys Helper
Leaving for the field
Cavalier Wood Cook Stove
Growing up on a John Deere B
Arial view of...
1973 going to work
Our little Kansas farm house.
Farmall Cultivision A Tractor
Old Bennington # 4
Indianapolis Country Kitchen, One of Two Pictures
Indianapolis Country Kitchen, Two of Two Pictures
Dads and Granddads Farm, ca 1945
Sunrise at the farm in East Central Indiana
Rural Route 2
AC D-17 with broken axle
The old barn
our house
The Jolly Miller
Me and my Ferguson TED 20
Sunset in the Goat Pen
Twins are common around here
Farmlands near Blacksville
My brothers tractor
Home for a Home
Sitting in a Field
Fall in Maine
Wild Cross Turkey Hen
Mixed-Breed Bantam Rooster
Barred Rock Rooster
1941 Farmall A
1944 Case Model S Tractor
Jethro The Goat
happy holidays
New Baby Goat
Super F-20
DAV coming out of winter hybernation
stacking hay in barn
Cat & Mouse
Rust bucket line up
Tea for two
Rat Patrol
Dog track?
Cat track
Punky and Country
JD For Sale
Canned meat
Asparagus article, courtesy of IHank
llama show
My house
Start on planting the vegetable garden.
Season flovers
Cruising on the Allis B-10
Eastern Spurce Grouse Hen
Home built lawn and garden tractor.
BBQ - Start at the season
Washing turnip greens
cute chicks
This old tractor
Cutting Hay
Pentress, WV Farmland
Working on the wall
Cattle feeding
Crank it up
Pipe drag
SeaBees of the Fiftys
Playing Hourseshoes
Redneck Deer Hunting Stand
Damed up Ditch
Dam in ditch
Dam IN ditch
Love Bus
Princess Keko
I thought Oklahoma was flat?
Some days...
Antique Butter Churns
Butter churn
corn after a 2 rain
Cody, Arabian stallion
Babe (Erics horse)
What a backyard.
Like boarding on clouds.
Wild pork for supper
Going for a Dip
My dog, Jessie Jane
Me and the Old Lady
Too Close with the Flash
My Son
Cullasaja Gorge
Three generations at 1yr birthday
Kody and Major
Dad and Me
He was ready to go already....
Baathlomew Wants His Bottle
Redneck Hog Fans
Baby in Bath
Kitties Bragging
Dogs come home from fishing
Free to Good Home
Kayla & Me
Labor Day Labors
What to do with Styrofoam
Wedding Gown
Real Wide Body
Front View
Big Stuuffed White Buffalo
Whats This?
October in New Hampshire
A Surprise in the Drain Pipe
Jupiter, FL
Younger, the Drainpipe Pup
Monkey Wrenches and Stillson Pipe Wrench
Josh Lynn - 1st Buck
When Pumkins Drink Too Much
Talers Get Together
Silas - Mixed-Breed Bantam Rooster
a real cowgirl...has a cow...
Starting out Early to be a - I HC- Kid
Delaware Twp. Farm
Dads Little Girl on her Wedding Day
Dads Little Girl on her Wedding Day
Corn Sheller Mc CORMICK Deering 1909 TO 1920
Michigan Red Power Show 2001 Goodles MI,
24 Inch Mc Cormick Deering Breaker Plow
Mc Cormick Deering 24 Inch Breaker Plow
Out West in Burro Country Route 66 Oatman, Arizona
Deer Camp in Michigan Dead Stream Swamp
Cooking Game Deer Camp Style
Tracking Snow Dead Stream Swamp
Prom Nite in Sandusky,NMichigan
Prom Nite in Sandusky,NMichigan
Digging a pond in Delaware Twp. Sanilac Co.MI
Conservation Reserve Project
Homemade grain trailer
47 Farmall
Farmall (other side)
Oliver 98 Walking Plow
2001 Christmas Parade Sandusky Mi.
Farmall Kay
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Octagon Barn All Color Show Gagetown Michigan
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Shoefarm Estate Sandusky MI.
Happy Holidays
Back Breaking
broke anvil
Christmas Time
Merry Christmas 2001
Merry Christmas 2001
Merry Christmas 2001
Aussie dogs working
Santa got here
Frankie Fencepost
hermin the canadan goose
Little honey
Mobile Living Room
Winter at Mamas House
kids playhouse
It dont get any better than this
Buford Duh Bull
NH Baler
Lucas Gen
Dont Ever Give Up
FL 2004
Buckys Comfort
world class hay barn floor
Not Bad For Texas
Cinnamon Apple Bread
Cinnamon apple cross section view
Goat hehehehe
Long Cold Winter
Allis B-10 Wide Body
Drought Attack Wagon
Fire damaged Allis Chalmers B-10
house with garden
The Dillys
Our Chicken Tractor
Chicken Tractor View #2
Chicken Tractor View #3
U-Pick ready for planting - Spring 2001
Want to guess?
horse rescue
shes stuck
New Daughter
My Kitchen Window
Old Home Place
Front of property
Tree Farm
Great Pyrenees and Kid
Autumn in NZ
Hay Truck
#mths old 14 to 16 lbs
First Apple
My Homestead and Pond
Dipping from Pond for Fire
Our First BIG FIRE
This is Herc our Newfoundland
Hazards of a clay farm
Bike Week March 2002
Bike Week March 2002
Norman Messing Farm Carson ville Michigan
Old Friends out West Harold, Joyce And Betty
The Gamblers Haold; Joyce; & Lloyd
Standing on Hoover Dam
pig monument
Better than the BOOM BOX
They are here
My Yuppie Pig Pen
Another view of the pen
Portable Fire Protection
The Wheeler Clan at Michigan State
Lisa & Stacy
Lisa & D.J.
Lisa new home away from HOME
Down Town Oatman Airzona
The Boss is Back You Better Get Humping
New Barn Site Ready for Building
Front View of Barn from the Lake side
Jake the Bull with his NEW Nose Ring
This is Herc sitting in the house.
Squeeze Chute
Gardens Ready for Planting Now
Eleven Buttons
What tree is this, pic 1
What tree, pic 2
Unknown tree pic 3
Or should that be C?
for Nathan GA
Mark and his Buddys
Woods Here for Barn
Poles are in for the Barn
2nd Day of work on the Barn
We wish they all looked like this
Day 3 framing allmost done.
Day 3 Inside view.
Spring is in the Air
Day 5 and the roof is on
Day 6 Allmost done with the Barn
Day 6 another view.
Box Blade
Just me
Day 7 View of the front of the Barn
The first Barn I built why I needed another one
First Barns Framing done in the winter
First Fish
Barn - 25 May 02
Farm help
Dawn in Virginia
Dexta manual
God Bless America
I think there is Seven Babys in there??
pull type combine
Day 8 and the Barn is DONE
Boom Pole Use
Barn, on Memorial Day
Herb Bed
My bull aint going to get away.
Hippo & Zacharys reflection
Tack Room Done
John Deere 50 block
John Deere 50 head
John Deere 50 head
50 Crankcase
Lower Link Assembly Mount
Lightning damage
Hand digging
Lightning Strike on tree
Finised the Mangers today
Inside View of the Manger for the Cows
Finised the Mangers today
Old Bottles I Found As a kid
Antique Bottles, 2nd Attempt
Martin gourd pole
raised garden
Squeeze Chute and Wash Rack Set up
Keepin good help...
Working Mans Boots
Old Farmers Never Die
A Bat hanging on the Wall?
My kids enjoying the creek
Honeysuckle Baskets
Blooming Queen Palm
My first Pigs 6-16-02
what breed or breeds is she?
The Farm is Done
A Real Nice View Now
Boys eating watermelon
Sparks over the House During the night.
Dumping Fire Retardent on the Pasture.
Last Line of defence
Shelbys Oxen Yoke she made.
John Deere 50 block
John Deere 50 without block
John Deere 50 main case without block
Ferguson Front Bumper Support
The (Deleted) Patch
Silas on the wagon
Cattle Crossing Sign #6 (back)
Cattle Crossing Sign #5 (front)
round barn
round barn silo
Thorvald & brothers
bear rug
bear hunt
old tank
U.S.S. Cole
USS Cole on Blue Marlin
Propeller of USS Cole
Nebraska Strawbale
Mighty Mite Steering Box
Mighty Mite Clutch
Wondering how to put it out.
Hellacoptor Dumping Water on Fire
A complete Moline Tractor?
A complete Oliver Tractor?
Moline Tractor ID Tag.
Pork and Ham
Weeding the Garden today
Baling hay
Home Fire Pump set up
Underground Water Tank
Behind the house in the fire
Remember to Fly Old Glory
John Deere 50 block
John Deere 50 block
Front Mount Distributor Conversion
1950 8N tractor
My working group of tractors
Cookie Brake
My Gas Hog Truck
Baling Hay
Putting hay in the barn
My First Bass
8N Steering Parts
8N Hydraulic Pump.
First Punched Hole
gray clay in southern WA
8N Tractor Engine Block
9N Ford Tractor Hydraulic Pump
8N control Arm for the Hydraulic Pump
NAA Block 134 Cu In EAE 6015-D
32 Pounds of Tractor Bolts
Emmision free engine
Cup Holder on Tractor
John Deere M
Ferguson Water outlet for head.
VW Bug Carrieing a Septic Tank
The insides of a 8N transmission
Pygmalion Placoid
Sherman Transmission seal area.
Sherman Side View
8N hydraulic pump piston view
Shifter tip on a 8N
This is my new Work Tractor Massey 135
Mystery Shell
In Bloom
1969 Massey 135 Tractor
Orphan filly
Hydreco Back Hoe on 8N Tractor
Back Hoe Controls on 8N Tractor
WHAT IS IT?? Picture 2 of 2
WHAT IS IT?? Picture 1 of 2
Day 1 cleaning up the Massey Tractor
Our old tractor under the shed.
Massey 135 Finished today
Massey 135 Back View
Massey Harris Triple 4
Rear End Pinion Gear
Ring Gear View off a 8N Tractor
Strange Penny
Not a Tractor Part
Bobbiejean and friends
Comparing tire sizes 18.4 to 9.5s
Spring Lambs
HalfPint doing his job.
Bleah Cow germs
Shelby road a Cow in the Parade today
A Gray, a Bay and a Chestnut
Bad day at the pond.
70 acres of peanuts
Turkeys in the front.
Hummingbird 2
Here We Is
Kraig, His Twin Sons and Grandaughter
In my Skinnier Clothes
Hydreco Hydraulic Pump
I got the Backhoe off the Tractor
oklahoma sunset
Thundering down the lane
Bottom Side
Another Bottom Side
Top Side of Spider
Mudcat and friend
Texas Crappie
New toy for hubby..with picture of him and Baby Squaw...
Fast Chicken
Fridge Pig
Mounts for the 8N Backhoe
8N hydraulic Pump Exploded view
Lower Link Mounting Studs for a 8N Tractor
Springs on the Valves for a Hydraulic Pump
Ram piston O ring
The pig pen
Moon with Halo 1
Moon With Halo 2
Ice halo from Scientific American
Good morning -
Light Duty Lifting Boom on Rear Blade
My new front tires on the Massey
Marriage in the wild
Pork meets Samson
Ham Meets Peep
Running Away From Home
Pork and Ham
Hydraulic Top Plate from a 8N Tractor
Other Parts of the 8N Lift Plate
another oklahoma sunset
Cam Pin on Hydraulic Control 8N

Motor Home
My Ham Radio Shack ?
Manuel , my grandsons 3y/o birthday party
Re did my Boom
Bank Barn
Boots, the Pygmy and Grandson, Chaz
My daughter, Jean and my Pygmy, Boots
Walt Working
Missing snuff
Shelby with Scan her Steer at the Fair
Silas in Armstrong Fair
William in Armstrong Fair
Claire in Armstrong Fair
Hupp Shifter Arm on 2N Tractor
What is this grass?
sway chains
Sway chain pic #2
Moonplant 1
Moonplant 2
6months and Two Teeth
Restored 1947 2N Engine not painted
Restored 8n
Inside view of a early 9N, 2N Top Lift Plate
Calm Before The Storm
Off to Market
We Did It
Tasty Boots
The Plank of Death
Okay Boss
Calm Before the Storm
1939-50 6 Volt Generator for N Ford Tractors
EIEIO You dont want one of these after you
Sheep to Go
One More To Go
Best Buddies
1950-52 8N Generator Bracket w/Generator
Lower Mounts for Link Assembley 39-47 2N, 9N
Big Dog Bites Little Dog
After Healing
What is this??? Used for??
Rooster and Hussy
Thought for the Night
1947 2N 3 Speed Transmission Gear Set
Poop-Head grooming Peep
2N, 8N Dog Legs for the hood
Cracked Block on a 8N
Log Lifter
8N Grill back view
Chow Time
Picking Up Rocks
Fairbanks Morres Magneto
Tractor and Plow
My New Girls
starting peanut harvest
Thats a real good trailer hitch PaPa
Boogs saying hello
Melon Mauler
Breakfast Buddies
Dan and his tin foil hat?
Peeling taters
My husband and me
Dennis Toys
Greenhorn Round Up
McKinney Lock
Australian Lunch
Be Careful out there
Jackalope buck
Old Abe the Eagle
My Pet Woodchuck Willie
Old Farm
Tie Quilt
Comfy Nesting
Waiting in Line
Private Nesting

travelen kitchen (chuck wagon)
Huey, Duey, & Luey,
Deer vs Durango
Clowning Around
Heres the driver
Top View
Side View
Never Forget God is on our side We will win;
Here She Is
Hello World
I Think I Can
Mobil home
going on gribbing
Laying up Blocks
sitting on basement
finishing touches
as it sits today
Front porch
Looking north west
Is it time to move the cows
Fall Calf
Winter waterer
Combat Ready
Morning Buck / AUG.
need power steering
Track blues.
Kissin Cousins
Stray Dog
Stray Dog
Eieios BMW
How does This Thing Work
Gruesome Twosome
Pygmy Barrel
Barn...almost finished
Yours truly and MF35
Clem Messing Farm Ruth Mi.
Huron County MI.
Sherman Twp. Michigan Thumb
The Old Farm Barn is 112 years old.
My new colt, Lucita.
Mr. Frislebee
Me and my first Big Game Trophy ;)
Camper trailer
Packin Barn gets a facelift
Vickers Pump
Okanagan Lake towards Vernon
Kelownas Floating Bridge
Lookout Point, North Fork
My Dog Duke
Bobbie -Jo & Bisquit
Nap Time
The Power of Graham Crackers
I think I found it
Warm Weather Order Comming Up
Sometimes I miss Alaska
Who is this
New Peeps
Hutch and Friend
Bacon and Eggs Home
Checking out Their New Quarters
Bacon and Eggs
Red Belly
My new wonderful old house.
Our Barn
Thanksgiving Diner
Plow 1876 ??
Mr. DeadCarps Lounging-cap
Winch Set up for Trailer
Ford Manual
Kudzu vine in Miss.
Fountian in Natchez Miss
Winter Chicken House
Our first Snow
Getting the Power Wagon Home
1948 B-1 Power Wagon
N Tools
I am Leaving
One Egg Down
Getting Ready
Wedding Carriage
Maytag moment
Mom On 2N
Mom 5
My poor Shop PW all apart in there
Northern Tool bench ends
Our old tobacco barn.
Tractors in the snow
Forest Snow
Itasca Park
Horse & bobsled
Ice Plow
Scoring the lake ice
Harvesting ice blocks
Ice tools
Canyon Dam Xmas
More small town Xmas
Merry Christmas
Went Flying in a Paraglider, What a blast
This is the Paraglider
Christmas decorations
Decorated Post Office
Decorated House
Sawing Ice
Snowed all night again

1941WC-7 Command Car Military Type
Old bayonet

4 days of SNOW More on the way
Simple country cabinets.
Country cabinets.
Tower cabinets before molding & paint
Tower cabinets nearly finished
military insignia
Ford 8n
Getting OJ on an Ford 8N
Working on the Power Wagon today
Cotter Key and Usage
Cotter Key
How the Sno-Cat left
Old Dodge Front end found in Feild
open house
lees latest hobbie
griffin the goat
jojo the goat
Oldest boy on our tractor
Wearing out the steering wheel
our puppy
Its a Boy
Last Years Garden in the spring
Suzns dish rack
Great Dogs
Farm house, front
House and shop, view coming in driveway
Creek Beach
International Harvester M275
Not so Smart
Northern Pygmy Owl
our new pal, Maggie ,at 5 months.
Ancestral home, Barataria
Been Rebuilding and Painting Parts for the Restore
230 cid 6 cyl engine ready to finish
Fake stone
Rough cut oak wall
Old Tractor Wallpaper
My Fire Wall what goes in all these holes?
Riding a Cow
Our New Baby
My first Body work with filler
Ford 2000
The Old Barn
Pond overflowing
1952 351V8N
One of my restorations
1941 FORD 9N
Snowman LOL
PW Jig Saw puzzle?
PW Jig Saw continued but different and together
A little New added to the OLd
New piggies
Garden house
Witch Hazel blooming
Boom Mount Closeup
Coon in the Attic
Baby Pygmie, hrs old
A Warm Day
Cleaned me a Power Wagon Engine today
Top View of the Power Wagon engine
Simple Bridge
1,000 lb Crane on Trailer
Going from Single to a Dual Master Cylinder
Military Light Switch
clays coon
baby pygmies
baby goats
more baby goats
Shear for Hardie plank siding
My new Fuse Box came today
1946 Gibson
Real Short Drive Shaft
Licence Plate Holder
Swedish weaving on monks cloth
Wild turkeys
Mama turkey
back side of smoke house
200 Amp Gen Set I hooked up once.
Home Protection
Any no the year of this Old Ford Tail Gate I found?
Nice old Power Wagon
Oh to be little again
hay shed
AVI on the Colorado
Put the tractor to work for More Fun on the PW
Here is the New Flat Bed for the PW
Duke Black
Bed on the Frame
Junk nobody would want
Got it in my shop
9N Timing
Herculine Bed Coating done now
Grandpap in Florida
Real Old Winch
Rope maker
Codys New Toy
Old Truck now has a Engine and Trans again
Hand-turned rope maker
Oil Gallery holes?
Allmost Completed Engine on the PW
This is it till I put the cab on.
Gas Tanks in
Engine finished including exsaust system
Nail puller
Front Bumper, Skid Plate and Lights on the PW
Colorado Sunset
Man I was Young in Vietnam
Ready for the Hood now
Befor picture of Cab
After picture of the cab 3 hours work
Hood ready for treatment for rust
Fenders, Lights and Splash Guards on now
Granpas Burro
Granpas Burro Smiling
Fuse Panel Pre/Wired in along with switches
goats fencing
more goats
goats again
Cowboy as the Easter Bunny
Cowboy as the Easter Bunny
4th July 2002
4th July 2002 pic 2
4th July 2002 pic 3
Baby Geese First Swim
Power Wagons Sheet Metal Primed
Wild Tulsa turkeys in February snow
Finel Red Paint Job
tire pump
More Snow
Snow in the AM
This is rare Raining out and the Pond is filling up
Cab Back together now.
Tring it again taken in the shade this time
Power Wagons new nose look
Wiring in dash allmost done.
Flat view of dome frame
Under Dash view of Wireing I just finished on the PW
Meet the Captain Formal Night
Indian Hertage Days Deckerville Mi. Sept.2002
Piper Cherokee Sandusky City Airport
The Big Hunt Sanilac Co.
Power Wagon Done Front View
Power Wagon done Side view
Lowering the Cab on with a Loader
Power Wagon Interior view
My Grandchildren from Snover Michigan Livestockshow
Lloyd and Betty
Tire swing
Distributer Shaft
Post Puller
Plastic Fence and a 9N Tractor
Look out im going to back up
Blue, when we first got him
This is Blue now
Baby Cottontails
Climed a Hill tonight
Remember these Visors on the Cars?
Distr. Shaft
Nice Farm Road
Dinosaur Man
Got another Newf now number 4 in the Gang
Tractor and
A 1948 adjustible seat?
1951 Funk 8N Tractor
Just found this in the Pasture a new Baby
Its a Girl Both of them heres the Highland
The Longhorn Calf also a Girl
Dendrobium Anosmum orquid
Barn Construction
Old barn sunset
outhouse in summer
CTK Sables
CTK Sables
Floating Dock
Dosent get Cuter than this

The homeplace
First Parade in the Power Wagon
At the Car Show
Rooster Roy
Our New Arrivals
Seven in a tree
Dad and my son
Nice day for a Drive
Towable Hoe
Trinity Bay, Texas
new goat
all 3 goats
1949 Power Wagon Fire Truck
7 squirrels
1951 8N Funk Tractor
1939 Dodge Dump Truck
Okanogan Fires
Okanogan town fire Washington
One of the Houses Gone in the Fire
Redds Angel
Country home
Angle Picture
Found the Angel
Welcome to Baytown TX
hello steve landis
touch up #2 for steve landis
Beauty and the Beast
Winrow turner
Me & Steph
Me at work
Chicken Creek Fire A
Chicken Creek Fire B
On the way to the fire
FMC cutting a fire break
Face in tree
This is DRY Green Washington??
Ash falling a few years ago
After the Ash the Fire Came
jane dear
Whats this?
Stampede Try Outs
Uncle Cliff
Log Lake Camp
My backyard
Fire Starter
Parade ready
Taking a break
My pride and joy
My family
Shelby the cowgirl
Sunrise on the Atlantic coast
Herding at the fair
Tips daddy
favorite dog
My baby girl
Out the kitchen window
Got the GMC Home
9;00 PM Saturday
My tractors
Learnt a rope trick this week-end
Amish Farm
Any Candlemakers in New England?
Weird Fungus in yard
Picture of the Cat 3208 Engine
GMC Engine compartment
Snow on California Apple Country
Mid-Summer Storm Ravages Cavendish, Vermont
Sunset on the Connecticut River, Claremont, NH
One-Room Schoolhouse
school outhouse
My two miniature horses
Saw mill
Jail Bird
Moose in front yard
All Gods creatures
Morning dew in Kansas
syrup mill
Haily and Leslie
Amanita Muscaria
Amanita phalloides
Amanita ocreata
Amanita gemmata
Morchella conica
Shelbys Steer
Nice Bed
Coprinus comatus
Shelbys 2003 Okanogan Co Fair Awards
Forgot some of the Awards
San Jacinto Monument
Box off the truck now
GMC Frame View
GMC Axle close up
Urban Corn
my baby
Mouse Bucket Trap
Trombicula alfreddugesi
Apple tree visitors
GMC Now Short and ready for the Tank
In Jail For Good
Frame Splice
Butcher Time
Friendly Pig
Hale Fire Pump
Kitten prepares to speak
All cleaned up ready for the Tank now.
Found a Monitor for the Tender
My new doe goat
Got the steel home for the Tank
Trailer Crane
Laying out the Tank now.
Baffles going in now
Top View of the Baffles
2 Winters worth of wood
Mushrooms with your Tree?
Tomatoes 7 Oct 2003
After Isable
Got the Bed Mounted
Deer in the yard

Marasmius oreades
Bed ready for paint and lights
Bed Painted and Lights in now
Bad dogs
Old Camp Church
Shelby dressed the dog
2 yo miniature stallion
Good old days
Boudreaux and Ester
Tank Mounts and Tool Boxes on now
NC Mountains
Chimney Rock Park
Rocky Broad River
Tall Stacks festival, Riverboats
Recycled Oliver 88
Black Rat Snake - Baby and Adult
Leonard and Baker Kitchen coal stove (Masons)

Winter has started
Grandpas little helper
Log Lake Air Line
On the Shores of the Atlantic Ocean
Country Wedding
Rene & John
Tieing the Knot Country Style
A very small picture 13X13 PIX in size
Same Picture but Bigger
Wagon with Flowers
Water Truck Plumbing and Monitor
Spray Head for rear of tank
Big Tires on a TO-30
roasted pig
Pig being roasted
Roaster and spit drive
My Fire Helmet I got
Carols new Chevy Truck
Fuzzy has grown up some
Maple tree
Water Heater
Maple Tree
Log Arch
East Wells
Think Spring
looks like it might be spring
Wood burning pizza brick oven picture
Harvesting Snow
Sheep Hearder Wagon On The Klickitat River
Dawn Over New Jersey
First 2 Restored

Special Collection - Farm Items
Hocking Valley Corn Sheller
Never Fail Corn Sheller
Hay Hooks
Farm Bell
Milk Can
Bee Smoker
Fanning Mill
Maple Syrup Tap
Hay Saw
Seed Planter
Hay Knife
Ice Dipper
Tabacco Splitter
Small Animal Yoke

Special Collection - Cookstoves
Windsor Stove (Advertisement)
Wedgewood Wood & Gas
Florence Gardner
Supreme Herald
Princess (Poster)
Perfection Kerosene Stove (Advertisement)
Majestic Model 645
Kineo Stove Works
Kalamazoo (Advertisement)
Home Comfort, Grey Granite
Glendale E, Green Enamel
Loyal-Pennant (Post Card)
Engman Mathers
Cribben & Sexton
Crawford #5
Copper Clad, Peach Enamel
Copper Clad, Black
Buffet Windsor

Special Collection - Churns
Lightning Butter Machine, 1 QT
Dazey #10
Dazey #20
Dazey #30
Dazey #40
Dazey #60
Dazey #8
Dazey Metal Churn, 230B
Oak Dasher Churn
Unidentified, #1
Blow Butter Churn, 2 QT
Blow Butter Churn, 4 QT
Challenge, Primitive
Montgomery Ward
Elgin, 4 QT
Wooden Cylinder Churn, Unmarked
Primitive Square Wooden Churn
Stoneware Churn, Cobalt Design

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