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Country Talk Discussion Board

Re: about not forgetting...

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Posted by dale anne on May 18, 2004 at 05:41:01 from (

In Reply to: about not forgetting... posted by Cindi on May 18, 2004 at 04:20:49:

sorry y'all consider me the bad apple of the bunch....i dont agree with all said...i do believe that we should all remember...I lived in Philadelphia at the time of 911 and was a medic that was ready for dispatch...however the call never came cause the recovery did not happen like our american people hoped it would. I also had flown from texas to philadelphia the day before on american arlines so it hit home hard!...i dont agree for a few reasons that i will list here and y'all can argue it and thats fine but i stand as firm on my beliefs as y'all do...first...we are sending millions of dollars to rebuild...why?...we have people here who struggle to make ends meet every day and the government tells us not enough money to expand programs to help these people out..S.S. may be non exsisting by the time myself or my children get old enough to collect......folks all over are losing jobs....have a friend whoms husband is over seas and she is now looking to move in with family members cause they dont make enough money to support the family of 4 while the hubby is fighting the war....and what about the family members of our soldiers...wonder if they agree on the war?....2nd...i dont believe that weapons of mass destruction exsist...chemical weapons...yes....if they did exsist why havent we found them?....perhaps we were not prepared?...the soldiers were not taught well enough as to what to look for?....hell we got people being blown up in hummers cause they were not equipped to withstand certain they are sending over armor kits to fix this problem..well if ya ask me..ya gonna put folks in a hummer...send them into a battle field..ummmm dont ya think just a little that the doors,windows,and GAS TANK! should be armored?...and 3rd....all these people want is the right to practice religion...aint that what we want...who are we to say that the woman arent treated right or how they should do things if this is what they believe in....why is it gonna be better by us being their?....these people have lived like this a long time and maybe change isnt good to im sure some want the change....however i dont think we need to be sticking our noses in other peoples affairs....if war has to be..go in take care of the issue..leave the common folks alone, commplete the mission and get out.....i could write on this for days...but im gonna end it here....i say support the folks fighting for us but i wouldnt put any stock at all into you think bush would be standing in the middle of a town or city that was expected to be under attack...NO!...he would have to be hidin so that he could keep the government running...well i say if your a true american and truely believe in why he started this war he would say the hell with hiding let the vice president take over in case of something happening to him and stand with and amoung the american people...feel the fear...take the same chances that he himself is putting others at risk for....sorry if i insulted anyone...tis is just my veiw and i dont think that my veiw is the only one and am always willing to listen to what others think...but this is how i see things at the current time......dale anne

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