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Re: Re: Re: Re: about not forgetting...

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Posted by dale anne on May 18, 2004 at 07:44:02 from (

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: about not forgetting... posted by Clipper....well golly.... on May 18, 2004 at 06:49:57:

i know i know....just being a medic at the time..getting the call but unable to dispatch due to very little recovery..just kills hearing about the human rights due to the terrorist he77 what rights do we have ummmm lets we have the right to say to our government %$#^ no we dont wanna rebuild!....%$#@ no we dont wanna send our children,husbands,and fathers to war cause we want them home to protect our own country!...&^%$ no we dont want to send billions of OUR dollars over seas while we still have hungry,and homeless people right here in america!....hmmm dont see many government agents coming out to arkansas saying well heres a check to rebuild this community cause we raised taxes so high that all the jobs left and went over seas......dont see anyone getting checks that have had all the cattle and chickens slaughtered..cause of imported animals bringing in illness.....I also dont see my sons getting the checks that foriegn students get to go to school...hmmm i pay my taxes and it seems to me that everyone else gets the pleasures of using that money....what i also dont see is BUSH addressing the issues at home that need taking care of...more books for schools...more programs for children...finding ways to help america prosper by growing and selling goods right here at home!...nahh instead we send money to other countries and let elder people die cause they cant afford meds....let children go hungry and cold cause mom and dad couldnt work enough overtime to make the heat bill this month...i mean if they got the grants perhaps they could have got a better education! bout the hopsitals and the revolving doors that they now are turning out people still ill cause well hell the coverage ya have says we can only keep ya fer a few days then we cant milk it anymore so out the door ya go.....and just why is it that ya get a gets taxed...go to the store with that already taxed money and ya get taxed again...put a little of that twice taxed money in the bank and hey! ya taxed again at the end of the year!!!......once figured it out..was working part time...made 153.00...after taxes including going to store and buying what i needed for the week...i figured i got to kepp bout $70.00 out of that check to use....and what did i get fer my tax money hmmmm let me see...roads improved....ummm no......any useable grants...ummm no.....hmmm seems to me what i got was well the shaft!...gas going up...milk..taxes...lets see how the american people feel about BUSH when it cost more to go to work or buy food items then it is to go to work and make a living...and just think our grandchildren will be paying for this war also!...but with everything going up who can save money to send them to further education?...and where will the jobs be?...hmmmmm.....well i think i have the answer...they will have to move to another country.....claim themselves as refugees and sit back and collect the big fat american greenback that our government hands out like water to other countries.......enough fer now...ta ta...gonna get more coffee lol

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