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Serve It Up.... LOL!

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Posted by DD on August 23, 2004 at 21:38:48 from (

Serve It Up

Today I will tell you how to lose weight, yet allow you to eat
25% MORE than the recommended amount. This is NOT trying to
sell you anything. Thereís nothing to buy and no exercise.

Hereís how I discovered this awesome method.

The cookies.

The cookies looked very good so I picked up the package of
oatmeal raisin cookies and read the nutritional panel. I watch
my diet so I read the information panel to check how much fat,
sugar, salt, etc. is in what I was about to buy.

As I looked at the panel, the cookies werenít that bad.
A little rich but surely that amount of fat and cholesterol from
the cookies wouldnít do me that much harm.

Then I wondered just how many cookies would I need to eat to get
that much fat, sugar, salt, etc. so I looked for the serving

I saw the serving size. I saw the number of cookies I would
have to consume to get that much fat, sugar, salt, etc.

First, let me tell you how big these cookies were. They were
not the gigantic cookies that you sometimes see in the mall.
They were regular sized cookies, about 3 to 4 inches in

The serving size: 1/2 cookie!

One half of a cookie! ďWho in the world eats one half of a
regular sized cookie!Ē I thought. I squinted to make sure that
I was reading it right. Maybe there was a stray line and the
1/2 cookie was really 12 cookies. I checked another pack just
to make sure. It was one half of a cookie.

I saw some regular sized muffins. I looked at the information
panel on those to see what the serving size was. It was 1/3 of
a muffin.

This was truly a MountainWings Moment as I realized that I had
discovered the secret to losing weight that anyone could partake
of with great results.

All you have to do is just eat what the cookie companies, the
muffin companies and the other packaged food companies recommend
that you should eat. After all, they have highly paid experts
and they should know. I absolutely guarantee that weight will
start dropping off of you faster than money leaving you at the
gas pump.

However I donít think the half-a-cookie nutritional experts are
generous enough with their portion sizes and I want to make sure
that you not only lose weight, but that you have enough to eat
in the process.

Therefore I am recommending that you increase the amount the
experts suggest by a full 25%. I know this sounds reckless but
trust me, this diet will work even with a 25% increase over the
recommended amount.

So from now on, look at the serving size and boost it up by 25%.
For example, if you are preparing dessert for a family of four
(say a husband, wife and two growing teenagers), put two muffins
on the table for dessert.

Explain to them that the 1/3 of a muffin is the expertís
recommendation and this should feed a family of six but that you
have been reading MountainWings and the writer has suggested you
throw caution to the wind.

So instead of getting only 1/3 of a muffin, they will get a full
1/2 of a muffin for dessert. Watch their faces as the
appreciation for the extra portion shows.

If for some reason they have a problem with a generous half of a
muffin, you can always tell them they can have the expert's
suggested half a cookie.

My suggested 25% extra will equal a piece of cookie about the
size of a quarter, enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

This will save you money as a six-pack of muffins will allow you
to eat muffins daily for nearly two weeks (almost 3 weeks if you
disregard my extra 25%).

I looked at a soup can. Half a cup.
I looked at a pretzel bag. 20 pretzels.
I felt thinner already.

Yessiree, Iíve got this one figured out for the entire country.

Serving size plus 25% and I guarantee you will lose weight in a

There is no charge for this but feel free to donate $1.00 for
every pound you lose, just go to and click

...or just send us your extra muffins.

By the way: There is a slim possibility that you might feel just a
little hungry but this will pass in a few weeks as your body
adjusts to the new portions.

I am going to start on the program tomorrow as I didnít do so
hot with the cookies today. According to the experts, I ate
enough cookies for twelve people.


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