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Country Talk Discussion Board

Re: Re: Re: Re: 1000th casualty

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Posted by Griz on September 09, 2004 at 06:43:17 from (

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: 1000th casualty posted by Friendly Fire on September 08, 2004 at 16:36:08:

Well, let's see FF. First post on this board? Nah, I seriously doubt it. Just using an alias so that others don't know who you really are.

2nd - My son is preparing to go to Iraq. My brother-in-law is in Iraq as is 4 members of my congregation and several good friends. 4 of those have already done tours there and are preparing to go back. Why you ask? Because they see what needs to be done. They see the helplessness of these people who have suffered under one of the worst regimes ever known. You would understand that as well if you had taken the time to take one out to dinner in appreciation of their service.

Don't talk to me about the economy. The one thing that you liberals fail to get is this.....where is the economy going to be if we have another 911? The first one almost sank us but due in large part to an excellent Commander/Chief we are climbing out. The war on Terrorism is not just about freeing a people. It's about protecting us and our economy from another attack. Somehow, the Liberal Left fail to understand this.

Creating new jobs, blah blah blah. Have you not taken a look at the latest economic news that has been taking place since January of 04? Sure seems like the jobs lost due to 911 (Thanks Bill!) are coming back and doing so in record proportions. But, why look at that fact when it will so obviously prove you wrong?

For some reason the Liberal Left wants to keep bringing up Nam. Whether it's with Kerry or in your posts regarding your service. Regardless of who you are, I offer thanks for any military service, period. However, Iraq is not a Vietnam. It's much broader in scope and has a direct impact on our safety and our economy here in the States. Why you can't realize that is beyond me.

How can you win the war on Terrorism? Any amount of intelligence will tell you that you can't. However, you sure as hell can defend yourself and make it known that we will not simply hide behind our kerchiefs (like those across the pond do) and allow it to happen. There are always going to be nut jobs out there that want to take away our freedoms and GW is sending the message loud and clear. While we cannot eliminate every cell, every misguided youth, every defenseless woman with a tnt belt, we will stick up for ourselves and hunt you down.

Love to debate you further but your points are completely baseless and without merit. Once you come up with some better material that is not offered to you on a platter by the Liberal Left, then feel free to post it here. Otherwise, start using your real name.


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