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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Breaking a Dog from Killing Ch

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Posted by Gmm on December 23, 2004 at 21:28:05 from (

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Breaking a Dog from Killing Chicke posted by tracy on May 25, 2004 at 10:02:51:

Yes I must agree with that and I geuss i should say im only 12 but im not STUPID! My 2 yr dog has been killing MY chickens. She very good I must say, only does it at night and leaves the chickens their, cleans up and heads back inside all inocent, leaving the body so it looks like some fishercat or something. Yes well today she killed two teen chicks right infront of me. A minute after I let her out I went out to put them away and shes just about to sit down and have a meal. And I know its not right to be beating the dog but that is stopping! Wether it means getting rid of her(which I prefer not to) or shocking the hell out of her.

Since I first got my first four chickens in July-ish they were picked off by hawks. Then I got 26 or so and only 5 of them survived a masacure by something that we still dont know what the heck it is! But we only have 3 now......and guess whos responsible for dog maggie. Anyways those three have started laying and by god THEY ARE NOT GONNA BE PICKED OFF BY SOME STUPID DOG!!!!! About a month before these 3 started laying I got 31 new babys, 3 were picked off by hawks. Two were killed today, and the worst part was as much as I yelled and called and ordered maggie did not listen. Maggie has always chased these chickens, dad thought it was just play and she'd get over it! I rescued this dog and shes only been with us for alittle less than a year and as much as she has grown on me I WILL NOT tolerate this crap. So right now she is laying at my feet cuddled up, all day long she been crying and whining because I wont pay attention to her until I have this figured out.

When my 2 of the 5 chickens I were explaining about died I had MAJOR suspicion especialy since they were ripped apart and when my dad and I came out she was chewing away. My dad said she had probably just found it and something else caught it but I said it was her and if it was then she would be gone. So far i've given up on that and shes still here, my mom sugested muzzling her everytime she went outside but the only problem is that she tends to keep away other preditors. I would tie the next chicken to her but she tends to jummp up and sleep on my bed and I really am not willing to have a dead chicken on my bed, and that whole put the chicken in a plastic bag and put it on the dogs head thing THATS JUST GONNA SUFOCATE THE DOG!!!!! Oh and I know verbal and physical abuse seems mean to your poor lil puppy but alot of poeple rely on their farm and livestock for money and food! So look at it this way sweetie, your a farmer you have 34 chickens that are almost all ready to start laying eggs. Now each chickens will lay about 4-5 eggs a day to a week, thats alot of eggs, which means good food and good money. BUT if your fav dog comes along (who is suposed to be protecting) and kills 30 of 'em thats not good is it? So basically that one little problem has just destroyed your entire laying plans. Meaning not as much food and not as much money. So think for a second.

Anyways I THINK thats all I got to say. If ANYONE has any suggestions please tell but for now either i'll muzzle her when she goes out OR (this I just thought up now) take a peice of her electric fencing (she uses electric fences) and make a circle around the dead chickens and bury it, maybe that might get her to back off the chickens(or maybe i'll just put electric fencing around the already enclosed pen area).

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