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Country Talk Discussion Board

Re: What Kind of Dog to Get???

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Posted by Spence on July 30, 2001 at 19:19:54 from (

In Reply to: What Kind of Dog to Get??? posted by Karen on July 30, 2001 at 09:55:57:

Our golden retreiver sounds the alarm load
and clear when someone approaches our door. He's
angry too with bare teeth and hair sticking up.
Only thing is it's all fake, as soon as
someone comes in, the tail is wagging. What they say about goldens being guard dogs is that they'll
gladly help a thief carry out the silverwear.
Natcho thinks he's human actually and hates being left out of everything. He's eye to eye with the
young ones but he just ignores the kids unless they want him to chase a ball. He jumps up on my bed in the morning and starts howling, which means get up. We have toddlers around sometimes and he ignores them. You have to watch the wagging "dust mop" tail with the toddlers.

Our black lab is smarter and a better watch dog. Tabby is also good with the kids but has to be watched more closely because of her wilder
disposition, not that she has ever hurt anyone. She's always watching the hay field from the porch and will growl if something is amiss. She likes it when the kids throw balls too and will chase after it with natcho.

Before our lab and golden, most of the animals I had on the farm were not neutered. Some pups I lost because they would run out on the highways. This is just the way it is, a statistic. You will lose some, but eventually find one that has good survival sense. But plan on loosing some.

I wouldn't bother with the biggies like rottweilers and irish wolfhounds if you have kids
around just incase. What you are looking for is an
alert barker that can show teeth when necessary.
The toy dogs of the cities and basically anything under 50lbs would probably get killed by
the neighbours dogs if you want him to be free
or not in an enclosure. Farm dogs are territorial
and a mature toy is viewed as just that "mature".
I watched one day as a chi-tzu was torn to
shreds by farm dogs. It was a relative from the city who brought her mature dog to the country for fresh air. Before I had a chance to say anything, the dog was running all over the fields
elated to have all the free running space. I could
even see the dogs on the other farms running to
the fence line waiting for the little dog as it

If you want a small dog for rat or mice control or just for the kids, raise him from a pup with a couple of the larger breeds. They will protect him and he will not stray from his buddies. Terriers are one of the best animals for rat control. We used to have one and he'd dive into a hole to check for rats and was quite pleased if someone was watching him do his job.

I have heard of neutering and that has it's
place. But a male dog that has all his privates is
a different animal, and a bit wilder and more of a survivor. He'll be a better guard dog but will tend to wander off occasionally to check out the females, or mark the boundaries of his range, but will always come back home. He can take care of himself in a scrap and will have battle scars the next morning to prove it. They may get into trouble with other farmers too, but getting shot is another statistic. You have to be especially careful around the kids with an unneutered animal. They see children as just another dog that belongs to a pecking order. Sometimes they will tend to try to put kids in his place, from his point of view.That can have horrible consequences.

Another thing, and I didn't want this to be
too long. Choose a dog for the climate. If your
in alaska a malamute, or one of the new bear breeds. A greyhound or dalmation will freeze left outside in the northern winter states. A pit bull may be a good fighter, but remember his short coat.

The best all around dog for a farm is a
mut over 50lbs. They're the best for temperment
and smart as a whip. For shelter in cold climes
or heat states, just a corner out of the elements
where he can curl up in out of the snowbanks. A
old thick rug on a dry floor. The best is a loose
plank in a dairy barn. nice and warm. They need continous supply of food in extreme cold.

Always be there when the kids are near the animals. When he brings home that
prairie dog on your porch, nice and ripe and buzzing with flies, don't forget to give him a nice pat for a job well done.


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