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Country Talk Discussion Board

4 X 4's, The Whimps are taking over.

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Posted by Spence on November 25, 2001 at 16:56:29 from (

Well, just thought I'd open a thread on 4 X 4's and try to tap in on everyone's experience with them.

I loved them from the 3rd Div days back in 63
when I was a jeep driver. Had a licence for a deuce and a half,3/4 and PC as well but never drove them. The jeep came a long way since then and all in all they,ve lost their toughness. They
tell me the Wrangler is close to the original, but never had one myself. Owned a IH Scout 4 cyl, slow rever that was a real work horse. You could have a square dance on the piston surface they were so huge. Shook and complained going down the highway but if someone was in a ditch in a blizzard, it would pull them out with no problem, a real tank. Had a 71 Bronco with a 302, standard. Muscle truck for it's weight. I liked that too but for all the years I had it, it had a tiny squeel somewhere that no one could pin point.

Now we have the made-for-the-cottage SUV's
and their dwarfs the mini SUV's, tracker,rav,etc.
Just saw a new Tracker the other day, it was coming up on me in the right lane nice and slow. Looked kinda good, me thinks "mmmmm, nice lines, alot of head room,clearance,...." then it passes me and I had to laugh. They stuck the gas tank at the rear with 2 or 3 inches below clearance and gift wrapped that with a plastic shield!!!.

I think one of the best clearance 4X4 "cars" was the AMC Eagle, although they say it was hard on gas. All clearance car 4X4's should be like that. A little tough on the ladies with mini skirts I guess. I'm staying away for the Subaru's and the other 4X4 wanna bees.

The SUV's are too fancy for my liking, although I still have a feeling somewhere for the cherokee. Had a 76 wagon once with a straight six. It towed my 18ft trailer across country without a complaint.

My wife just loves the RAV. For a lady it's OK I guess. Fine for getting out of city slush.
I'm just worried about all the japanese gizmos
and wiring under the hood. I think I noticed a
3/4 drive shaft that went from the trans to the
wheel I think! .....3/4inch Yikes, nothing under an inch I'd think!!

The days of the completely manual 4X4 is
gone now. Electric circuits do the differential
engaging, so the driver doesn't break his nails on
locking hubs. The tin is just that. I opened a
can of peas the other day that had thicker metal. Now your crazy if you don't undercoat. It used to
be an option remember?. All exposed CV joints
protected with rubber boots, and the ads show them going thru brush! The drivers manuals used to cover topics about plowing fields with the vehicle and other farm use topics.

Where's all this going to end up guys.?

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